1. I don't think so since flats are worn barefooted.

  2. I know but why some closed toed shoes like flats and Tom's worn barefooted?

  3. I would use the Batman symbol. That would surely make things interesting

  4. Congrats! Keep sticking to it and you'll see even better results

  5. I lived in Germany for a year, I lost so much weight. Attributed by two things.

  6. And Germany is the European country with the shittiest and most caloric food

  7. Can someone explain me the scam pls? We don't have many of the spin offs down here

  8. Un supermercado más pero caracterizado por tener una música que es GOD.

  9. A mi los temas de autónomos me los lleva una gestoría y me cobra 30€/mes. Con esos precios, no merece la pena hacerlo tú mismo.

  10. No sé si tendrás un certificado digital o DNIe, parece que con ellos puedes hacerlo telemáticamente aquí:

  11. Esto procedimento sólo funciona con un cliente español. El miyo es inglés, entonces será guardia de seguridad

  12. Interesting that they're so obsessed with socks, do the girls still wear sandals often in summer? Or do they wear shoes instead so that they can wear socks? That would be a shame

  13. Of course they wear sandals, people only ask if you're wearing closed shoes with no socks in sight. For example, last March I was in Italy, and it was hot enough to go without socks. My gf brought some flats, I had some Sperry. Everyone we visited asked if we were wearing socks or not, and reacted funnily when we told them we weren't

  14. Wow that sucks. Although at least you enjoyed the show. I'd love to hear if anything happened with the "sockless" girl in the other job

  15. Nothing worth mentioning, she was just - to the outrage of the rest of the employees and my enjoyment - not wearing socks, not even in winter. Or maybe she had ped socks, who knows, but I've never seen them popping out of the shoes

  16. OP, you should move to Spain. I haven't seen a single person with Crocs here; flats are still a big trend and are worn from March to November, and summer is sandals season. We have a big trend of "friulane" or "furlane", Italian velvet slippers. Check them out, they're pretty hot. Unfortunately sneakers are slowly taking over... But still zero Crocs here (and in most of Europe)! Can you give some example of MaryJanes which are a trend in the US?

  17. So flats are still a thing in other countries outside the US?

  18. Here in Madrid it is. In my hometown Milan it is as well as in Paris. Not as big as 10 years ago as slippers and sneakers are super popular, bit still quite big.

  19. Porque si tengo una llamada no quiero molestar a otras personas qué estudian o leen

  20. If you want to only fill the hair part with a certain color you will have to select it first. As there are already transparent pixels in that layer you could select all of those and then invert the selection.

  21. Porqué es barata y la gente en España busca a las cosas baratas

  22. Ay, yo también quiero saber! 😱

  23. Se puede ver la aproximación a Torrejón bastante bien cerca del almacén de Amazon en Torrejón/San Fernando. También desde el CC Parque Corredor.

  24. Como el vértice se celebrará en la feria de Madrid, es muy posible que aterrice en Barajas. es bastante normal que AF1 use aeropuertos cívicos

  25. I was going to refer you to a certain post about the same topic, but I just saw that you were the one who posted it.

  26. That mall looks very good! I just hope they won't decide to land from the north...

  27. Well this guy is an Italian living in the US. In his videos, he never once complained about living in the US, so I will assume this is satire and portrays how the basic Europeans see living in the US. So I don't think it has a place here

  28. If you look at job offers not targeted for locals salaries (and skills required) can increase quite a lot

  29. A bit delayed but wondering if you made your connection? I’m in a similar boat next week from Seville to Chicago and wasn’t sure how doable a 50 minute layover in Lisbon would be

  30. In the end I booked a direct connection, I didn't want to risk it

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