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Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

  1. Oh, haven’t watched the show yet, still not done watching a friend play the game, want to finish that first.

  2. Picard also gets hit by a holodeck snowball and Wesley steps out of the holodeck soaking wet at one point. So presumably this is replicated water. Water simulations are tricky for real simulators so its kinda funny to think the Enterprise skips the complex physics calculations and just replicates real water.

  3. Maybe the projector field range is not strictly delineated with the inside of the holodeck, especially when the doors are open.

  4. Does the game allow toggling those lines behind the plane?

  5. like sandwich meat roast beef or proper from that slab roast beef?

  6. What’s the name of the song that you use as a soundtrack?

  7. I used it recently to optimize my wife's resume. It did a pretty damn good job summarizing things.

  8. What are the practical steps necessary to get it to do this?

  9. /uj I feel bad for laughing at “fivehead”.

  10. Based on solely my Reddit account content can you tell me if I'm a good person or not?

  11. Wait, how does the bot know about your Reddit account, if it only has access to 2019 internet?

  12. Simone got to post this in a Christian radical subreddit😂

  13. I’m guessing it was deleted, would’ve loved to see the reactions 😄

  14. I haven’t seen it in one I’m saying the reactions would be hilarious before delete

  15. Ah, I misunderstood that someone managed to post it :)

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