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  1. It's baffling that this is still their decision considering Shadow of Mordor & War were updated.

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate them.

  3. Crypt Of The Necrodancer def a challenge every time I play it but, I've been making very slow progress there. xD

  4. Congrats on Uncharted 3 (PS3) plat! Sorry to hear about Uncharted 2 (PS3).

  5. I respect the hell out of what you've done but, I could never. xD

  6. Yo, this comes in big clutch bc sometimes I will be flashbanged by some of the lighting & coloring (especially on earlier FF title EMS) & it makes me miss notes or mistime them.

  7. Y’all take this game way too fucking seriously

  8. Peeps will tell ya to pretend you don't have Lightborn & while I agree, it's a great strat, I will always stare right at them as I walk toward them & then smack them too if they don't run while I'm carrying their friend.

  9. Haha I don’t think I would platinum a game I don’t enjoy. After all, we play for fun :)

  10. I agree but, you'd be surprised how many posts I see that say they absolutely hate a game but it's also a post showing they plat it. xD

  11. Upvoted for both your pain & the fact most of us have been here or in a similar situation when playing GT 7 or other racing games with timed events.

  12. Yep, already got a lot of doomsayers with similar takes in this very thread.

  13. Inb4 YT thumbnail with shocked face & click bait headline that goes something along the lines of:

  14. It's always a Leon doing weird stuff or attempting to antagonize a killer. xD

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