1. If it is scabs bro then gently try to rub them off with each passing day increasing the pressure, all the scabs should shed ideally

  2. Superbeets as soon as everything stabbed up. Added pycnogenol after a couple weeks.

  3. Thank you mate!!! So how long has it been for your transplant? And are you growing dull hair?

  4. Hey man sorry just found your pics in my chat....sorry man you don't need to send again....your progress looks good

  5. Not at all, I’ve sent you pics

  6. I haven't got it.....can you share here once again....will be a boost to the people carrying the smoking hysteria in their head

  7. I only take oral as it looks pretty red still and I feel like it won't do much good to the healing process. Wonder if I am right?

  8. So usually maximum people continue using minoxidil in the transplanted area after hair transplant?

  9. Interesting question. My friend started using like 15 days after and he is on 7 months now. No damage

  10. My experience has been that you really need to get to the scabbing stage so that a loose fitting hat isn’t too risky to damage grafts. I’m 9 days post op right now and at about 7 days post op I could wear a really loose fitting baseball cap for brief periods.

  11. Weed is my sleep aid, nothing bad ever happened to my transplant.

  12. Bro did you even smoke cigarettes? And I guess even that didn't impact anything on your transplant?

  13. I dont smoke but I vape and its was ok

  14. You'll be fine. I smoked before, after, and all the way through 3 months post-op. I finally quit, but not because of that. All the grafts held. Presently enjoying a full head of hair. Try your best not to (obv) but you'll be A-ok!

  15. Not advisable and definitely don't be me but I smoked before and after ~ 10 a day and it hasn't had a negative impact on my results. You'll be absolutely fine!

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