1. Aw thank you! I think it’s such a hang up from growing up in the 90s. I’m trying to rewire my brain a little bit more but it hasn’t been easy.

  2. Same! No matter how much weight I lose, I keep my ass and thighs. But as the above poster says, a cropped shirt (doesn’t have to show your skin, I go for something that rests just below the top button of my jeans) with a flattering curvy fit high waisted jean, makes me look so much better at a higher weight than I ever ever did in the low/mid rise hellscape of late 90s and early aughts jeans.

  3. Yes. If I don’t go stock the shelves you can’t panic buy.

  4. My HEB looked like the weekend before Thanksgiving from the outside. Filthy panic buying bastards.

  5. They added nearly $60 to my tip (tipped 20%) after I closed my tab. Didn’t notice until I got a notification on my card the next day.

  6. What the hell. I had a mystery $30 added to my tab 2 weeks ago. God damn outrageous.

  7. You speak the truth, but the people cannot hear you. They would rather get pinkeye in the teeming endlessly product hoarding/panic buying crowds at HEB.

  8. Great, now where am I going to shop? Randall’s?! Ugh. H‑E‑B is wrong for this, everything is NOT better.

  9. Randall’s rules. It’s empty because of central Texas’ psycho HEB obsession and they have products that I personally prefer, which HEB either won’t carry or has insufficient selection of in preference to the house brand. I also find the layout to be more logical/accessible and easy to shop.

  10. Don't lecture me about narcissism when the only damn screen people were glued to in Austin the last 3 years is the flat screen at a sports bar. We didn't last 2 weeks of restrictions before everyone was ready to throw a baby into a furnace if it meant dine-in at Wendy's would be open again.

  11. This idiotic response has nothing to do with the topic.

  12. Austin has very little greenspace and has been giving it's remaining green space away for apartments. You don't come to Texas for nature or access to wilderness or parks. Texas ranks 45th in public land per capita, less than any other state in the west. Denver, Seattle, Portland, LA, San Fran, San Diego, SLC, Albuquerque, heck, even Phoenix, have far more public land. Last I heard there was even ramblings of part of Zilker being developed...and it would not surprise me at all.

  13. Whatever Phoenix has doesn’t matter because you’ll die on it 7 months of the year. Austin has a ton of green spaces. And I’m very tired of this 0i thought I heard” garble being recycled irresponsibly on the internet. Look it up, know about it, or don’t talk about it just to buttress a wrong point.

  14. There’s a difference between “just wanting” something and being a dick about it. Apparently you don’t know the difference either.

  15. Boo hoo. They were derisive about children on a Reddit post. That’s way worse than parents who let their kids constantly go apeshit in public, affecting dozens+ of other people, right?

  16. If you have sensitive ears (allergies make mine sensitive), bring some light foam earplugs just in case. Some coaches absolutely crank the music.

  17. I love these posts. People should start linking the original post in their before/after pic posts.

  18. Maybe I'm weird, but my little pocket computer isn't worth my physical safety if something weird were to happen if I tried to retrieve it myself. If the police won't do anything, I might try the insurance route. Beyond that, I'm getting a new phone...

  19. Agree. The phone is gone. This happened to me 10 years ago in another city. The cops tracked it, called the house, then called me back and said, “They won’t answer.” Case closed. They’re not going to kick a door down for that shit.

  20. I doubt it was the line. They right swipe any woman they find attractive and then decide later if they get a match. There could be something he finds incompatible in your profile, whether it’s religion, do/don’t want kids, how far away you are, etc. Dont take it personally.

  21. I won't lie, I'm bitter about it. I didn't spend years bullied as a ginger and having friends try to play connect the dots on my skin just for the same people to fake the very appearance they mocked me for having

  22. That’s a fucking ridiculous take on a random internet stranger playing with makeup for a day.

  23. Dude, you can put fake freckles on your face for fun. It does not harm anyone who dislikes their real freckles. That is next level internet bullshittery and you have done nothing wrong.

  24. HEY!! Dinner at Chili’s can be top notch…steak plus Bourbon, now we’re having a good time :)

  25. Knock on the offending Tesla to start up sentry. Flip off the camera or give them a piece of your mind. Had a Tesla cut me off on e Cesar once. Pulled into 4 seasons and i continued to my office. On the way back i saw it was still there so i pulled in, walked up to driver door, knocked on it to start the sentry video recording, and flipped the guy off in his side view mirror. Effective as it filled the god sized hole in me left from being spiritually unfit for the day - but also it’s probably not illegal and f that guy anyway. I guess that footage might wind up in this sub tho….

  26. Worth it. Surely it’s legal and even if not, what are they going to do…call APD?

  27. It was hard to differentiate the coach’s commands for rower vs tread. “You’re still pushing! Oh, not you treads.” A bunch of 30-45 second all outs kinda mean nothing to me as a PW. My HR is just starting to climb by the time we stop.

  28. Came here to say that high plank jack to push up kicked everyone’s ass in my full class. People were still fighting through the 3 rounds like 4+ mins into the 7 mins they gave us. I think 10/8/6 is too much for that move when you’re tapped out at the end of class. The other plank exercises were doable but that felt like straight up punishment.

  29. I wrapped Xmas lights around some roses I didn’t want to lose and they look good. Everyone else’s in my area are gone. Wrapped 2-3x around each plant with a double cover seemed to do the trick, do recommend.

  30. “Ugh I expected that” says the person who has doubtlessly never given a stranger a ride in their life.

  31. What if you didn't have a printer? Or a computer? What if you didn't have easy access to a mailbox? Your privilege is showing.

  32. “Your privilege is showing” is why people hate this dialogue and will never listen to you. They can’t even say something YOU AGREE WITH without your instantly springing to shame and finger wag based on your own misinterpretation! This kind of “activism” is truly hideous to behold.

  33. I agree that these issues need to be addressed, however 9 million registered Texans did not vote in the 2022 midterms. They had weeks to arrange a ride/day off work to get to a polling place in early voting. That isn't suppression alone, it's apathy and/or laziness.

  34. Right. It’s a two party system. You can push for more parties in the future while still doing your part to prevent Republican control. So many of these people seem to be into far leftist identity obsessed mania for the vitriol, spite, name calling and delusions of superiority. Dems are centrists and centrists are the devil, blah blah. I think checking out of the system for reasons they tell themselves are morally superior is just the other side of the “it’s all lizard people and my vote doesn’t matter” coin.

  35. Are you this dense? The OP was clearly carrying on the conversation like she was still into him and didn't change the tone until he asked how their date went.

  36. No she was not carrying on the conversation like everything was grand. The text chain begins with him making a comment about a sleep aid and her giving a neutral response, then he launches into it. You’re just trying to find a way for this to be her fault even tho he’s obviously a poorly socialized baby who can’t take no for an answer. He’s not entitled to feedback.

  37. You're a psychopath just like OP. Who carries on a normal conversation with someone they intend to break it off with? A psychopath.

  38. I see a lot of sniveling and self-styling as a victim in your comments. That’s why you’re having problems dating, FYI. The way you interact and view the world is going to be repelling to everyone you meet, particularly women. Fix that. IT’S YOU.

  39. Ok so I found two cardboard boxes and went to Goodwill and bought a large pack of adult diapers and some blankets. Insulated the inner box and put some food out. A redditor has offered to take them when she gets off work. Will definitely try to make that happenz

  40. So glad they came to your house. You’re a good ‘un.

  41. Bruh. Texas has always been like this. When are Texans going to realize you are either a Texan and own all the horrible shit the state does to the rest of the nation, or you can get the fuck out of Texas and join the rest of us sane people.

  42. No, it’s been like this for 25 years.

  43. Yeah a quarter fucking century of being shit heels

  44. That’s correct. It’s bad enough without know nothing exaggeration that discredits the whole god damn point.

  45. Yo shockingly I haven't run into any OG Austinites that were particularly mean to me when I told them I'm from out of state. From the folks I've spoken with they're mostly just frustrated with how the city has handled the big boom in population and the companies (idk what to call them) coming through causing problems with housing. Granted they could just be being nice to my face but be low key resentful but I'd never know.

  46. You’re probably not annoying about it. The ones who annoy me have obviously not taken any time to learn about the place where they live, which in some cases goes on for many years. Fine, be a know nothing, but I don’t want the commentary or comparisons or stupid questions then.

  47. You’re not stupid. The stupid ones in this thread think this is her fucking given name. She picked it to riff on the band, you boobs. It’s no coincidence.

  48. Rosie O'Donnell and the word "allure" don't belong in the same sentence.

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