The MERGER is practically confirmed, buckle your bunnies

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Citadel, Goldman Sachs and Co attack Europes Settlement Discipline Rule. EU Commission and EU Committee ECON want to erase mandatory buy-ins. Only one step ahead and CSDR 909/2014 will become a toothless tiger. Please spread the word about petition 0775/2022!

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I have to say it because people still don't get it. When there's a run-up before a yearly options expiry, and there's MSM articles going "are meme-stocks squeezing again", it's an ENGINEERED PUMP TO GET FOMO AND LIQUIDITY. Hedgies need to kick the can and need liquidity to do it. Don't give them any

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  1. Why do you think everyone hates them so much? I agree they are risky if not bought properly but did DFV not jump start this entire movement with options?

  2. They hate them bc this sub has been infiltrated by bad actors. All those guys saying options are bad, are probably shills. Fuck them.

  3. Thank you and I couldn’t agree moar!

  4. Thanks for the award. Glad to see you make money. My risk level is lower so I’m buying Jan 24 contracts 😂😅

  5. This post is really misleading. It’s not just the word “merge” hidden in the document. It’s a whole paragraph or two of legalese that mentions something along the lines of “in case of a merger/acquisition”. To be fair it mentions liquidation in the same sentence so it just looks like some kind of ass-covering legal statement. I wouldn’t know if it’s normal or not but it is not the word “merge” alone.

  6. Means that if you bought/held towel after it squeezed over 100%, you're an idiot.

  7. I signed this petition couple of days ago but it’s imperative we get as many signatures as possible. These crooks have no boundaries. Here is the link if you don’t feel like going through the tweets

  8. Thanks for the award. I just got a notification I got 50 votes and now 40 something. Someone does not like this petition. Kenny that you?


  10. I think the top comment kind of sums it up, idk am I missing something?

  11. Dub ess bee doesn’t allow talk on GME and options are all but blocked on the stonk. I dont expect to see a whole lot of pressure

  12. Yeah but institutions could jump on it. This is capital markets. Already saw significant shift in CALL/PUT ratio today

  13. Thanks for the info man, I appreciate it. I miss when this sub was more informative. I know most people here aren’t “traders” anymore but I still like to know price movement.

  14. I hear you. Lots of good DD writers were pushed out. It’s been a great learning experience so far. Options are great if you know what you’re doing. Always buying enough Theta, so you can limit your losses on an unexpected rug pull. I will take my profits and put them back into shares. Check out the book called “Options as a strategic investment” if you want to learn more. Def study and paper trade before risking your own capital

  15. Yeah. ACAT transfer. I forgot about that. Probably gonna go that route.

  16. Yeah but they might charge you $100 to do that. Compliance officer is the way to go. It’s literally couple of clicks for them but they are BS-ing for “whatever” reason

  17. This coincides perfectly with holiday deferrals (FINRA REX CODE 4210). Settlement deferred to Jan 12-18th with possible covering on T+2 or T+5

  18. The deferrals were for obligations from August to November. December and January should be so in February but I am not sure if the President’s Day allows them to defer it to March. It’s one piece of the puzzle that’s an unknown but could explain why we see runs on random dates, and sometimes nothing when it should be so

  19. Shorts gotta cover when there collateral takes a dive... should lead to margin calls and then moass

  20. But shorts are short on everything on the market. I see this thrown around a lot, and I’m just trying to have a healthy discussion. Citadel is short everything including treasuries.

  21. Citedel is a hedgfund... they hedge both sides of the bet but now that they're holding Melvins bags they are fucked- sooner or later, just hodl my friend.

  22. Fair enough but I feel like there is more to it. And it’s not just Citadel. Jeff Yass & Steven Cohen are in the mix as well.

  23. Anthony “Sell now ask questions later” Chuwakawumba is the underwrite for AITCH KAY DEE

  24. LRC is not GME. You beat believe I’m selling it. I’m dumb for even engaging in a conversation with you…

  25. Possibly explains the cause of the delays in releasing the outstanding forms and reason for the granting of confidentiality as well 🤔

  26. You are correct - options are 10x leverage and MMs must hedge them. I remain thoroughly bewildered about whether these posts are fud or ignorance. That said, I have zero desire to sell my shares or buy options at this point because I always bet wrong lately. Just passively holding and waiting.

  27. Oh I’m not advocating ever selling your shares to buy options. You have got to be stupid to do that.

  28. I didn't think you were advocating that at all btw. Just agreeing with your view that near itm calls undeniably move the price.

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