1. If I tell yu guys they might find a way to patch it so figure it out yourself our message me 😉

  2. As I write this on January 21st, 2022, I read that meat loaf died yesterday. I swear he died years ago. Like 10+/- years ago. I don't know what alternate reality I'm in but this is weird. Gotta be a Mandela effect.

  3. If you can remember her name call into CS and report that the customer has done this before with other shoppers. C.S. use to look at those things

  4. Deff talk to customer service about the discrimination she provided might wipe away any 1 star coming your way

  5. Not here in Northern NJ. Where are you? Maybe it's a regional thing or it could be an app version thing.

  6. As a customer, I'd MUCH rather the shopper refund something instead of making a bad replacement that I probably won't like.

  7. That's not cool. I can't be mad at someone for trying if they didn't know I didn't want a replacement. Communication goes both ways. If you don't specify, they should ask. At the end of the day at least they still shopping for you. One item isn't a huge deal.

  8. I've been a shopper for 3 years I maintain a 5 star rating to little to no cancellation. I suppose I'm a bit old school and the customers in my area prefer refunds over replacements due to allergies as my self. My shopper took it upon himself to replace the items with things my family weren't able to eat. Also to popular belief of this new age my job doesn't allow me to have my phone on me. But I did leave a little note in the comment box to please refund over replace... Ughhh

  9. There's a whole option for picture delivery sir notifies you when your shopper arrives

  10. Exactly! They keep showing me far away batches that take me to a really ghetto area in a different city, and the batches themselves are pure shit. I am not going to accept a Food4less batch ever. Period. It’s in a really ghetto area, and the odds of a customer reporting their order as missing/damaged/wrong are high, so I’m not taking any chance. Regardless, the batch pay is always shit, and they rarely tip.

  11. True... Ever since IC started accepting FS things have taken a turn on the shoppers

  12. So true. But can we get a like and a dislike button on batches. Why we won't take a $9 order going 14mi👎

  13. Honestly it's probably because you opened the app and waited to take the picture I've heard from many shoppers if you don't take the picture when they want... Deactivation is coming

  14. A guy in my area does 3 carts when he has triple batches in my area even if they're small orders. Says it's only way he don't mix them up. He pulls from front and has bungee cord attached to the other two walking around regular grocery store..not Costco

  15. I always take pictures and text C.S. so they can see for there self that the order was bigger than the pay usually equals to a bump lol

  16. I know a girl in my area that does that I usually throw in the sales flyer for the week

  17. You did the Right thing heaven forbid there had been a fire or a serious emergency

  18. Careful I did this with Aldi and they had certain items that were available at the other store but not the store I decided to shop at lower tip🤷

  19. Do you ever feel like this could be an elderly person? I think about that sometimes… I don’t take these so I wouldn’t know. But I have delivered to this old people building and it’s huge. I always wonder if it’s a poor helpless old person who just cant get their food and think you tip like the oldn days 😭 I would so do it. They just want their food to eat alone for Christmas 😭😭😭 alright let me stop

  20. Put a sales flyer for the week in the bag shows you care small but big enough to rate 5 stars

  21. I’m telling you it’s terrible same thing happened to me last week super nice guy talked about the weather me staying safe bla bla bla get a call from IC an hour later guy didn’t get his entire $89 order not just the $36 alcohol!!!!!

  22. Please tell me you're mostly joking. All it takes is someone to break your window and take off with your car and your insurance won't cover if the keys were in the ignition. It only takes about 30 seconds of idling before you were better off shutting down the car. And as far as the wear and tear on your car from turning it off and back on again, the worst wear-and-tear is when you start your engine from dead cold, when you're restarting a warm engine the wear-and-tear is almost non-existent. I mean I can understand one to have your AC on in the middle of summer, or your heat on in the middle of winter but aside from some comfort it's not worth it.

  23. I live in a very nice area where no one would touch your vehicle let alone look in it.

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