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  1. That’s a great question! I don’t think it’s ever outright explained in detail why or how that happens. I think it’s just “nobody is safe from death ANYWHERE! Even in hell!” It’s not explained in The Scarlet Gospels. That book is fun to read with air tight pacing, but it lacks barkers usual depth. It reads more like a graphic novel. I just started a reread of The Great and Secret Show! I’m sure Everville will follow. I also gave my illustrated edition of Abarat to this girl I’m into! I think I might be in love! Lol

  2. Everville is the best book I ever read. You'll have a great time.

  3. Clive has written several best book I’ve ever read! He will always be my favorite artist.

  4. Find a head doctor! That’s what I’m currently doing and it’s working wonderfully.

  5. It's the part of the chicken between the fingers, below the nugget sac

  6. Had me all the way up til the ending. Blue cheese on hot wings is garbage!!! Ranch for life!!!!

  7. Preachy, badly written, ham fisted social commentary injected into a movie for money and serves no purpose to the story it’s a part of.

  8. Halloween may be for Michael but Devils Night is for Eric Draven! Anyone planning on watching the movie on Saturday? I think afterward I may blow up a few buildings in the nearest city.

  9. I can definitely speak on this. Barker is my favorite artist in general. Almost all his stories are mind blowing. The dudes imagination is just on a whole other level. Even his “bad” works are still entertaining.

  10. Just googled it and the wiki summary instantly sold it to me lol

  11. Yeah, well after reading your comment about her doing stuff for her mother and everything, I think she might just need a break and some time to herself. Also, yeah it can be hard because you wonder if you did anything wrong.

  12. Oh dear, that's annoying. But yeah, maybe just kind of try to take a step back, leave her alone, and let her get herself together some. She sounds like she needs some time to herself.

  13. That’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been spending time with my family. Giving her space.

  14. No, but they at least have some internal consistency. The ninth movie just decided to do whatever the fuck it wanted while introducing stuff that had never come up before over eight movies.

  15. Yeah but that’s because nobody before had any ambitions to deepen the lore of Jason. I’m all for doing that because it helps give Jason differences from the rest of his competition. I get why people hate this movie. I just find it so ballsy and batshit insane. It’s a highly entertaining movie to me.

  16. "Deepening the lore", in this case, meant ripping off Evil Dead without having the rights to do anything official with it.

  17. Which was undoubtedly dumb! It makes me wish we got Ash Vs Jason Vs Freddy! It could have been glorious lol

  18. I go through this myself. The wealth of information available can be downright annoying. Sometimes my meditation playlist is large, sometimes it’s very small. There’s nothing wrong with scaling back when you feel the need.

  19. I don’t know about a whole set but there’s this performance of Rabbit In Your Headlights where Thom is playing and singing so HARD that he nearly falls off his piano stool and he drools all over the mic! It’s such a beautiful epic performance that every time I see it I just think to myself “Jesus Christ this man is a legend!”

  20. THATS THE ONE!! Can of Coke for you good sir! That fucking performance sends chills up my spine and is heart breaking to look at. So much passion just oozing off of everyone especially Thom.

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