1. What’s that taste like with that being the top Terp? That’s crazy shit fr

  2. I love farnesene I wish their was more farnesene dominate strains around seems to do the best for me when its present.

  3. I love Buckeye botanicals I've actually had the opposite experience I think harvest is set up bad they never give me the correct discount when I go there until I raise hell bout it and I can't ever hear what they are saying behind so much glass and they are whispering jt always seems like. They have been rude to be sometimes because I can't hear them which is definitely a turn off I always feel like I'm in prison while at harvest of Athens.

  4. It was the 24.6 batch dm if you want pics of it. Also the top terp was .48 if that is important I personally wouldn't get it again.

  5. I had cherry pie batch from 8/29 and it was lacking in effects and taste and was really dry and I bought it when it was only put in the package 5 days prior.

  6. I just got this yesterday and it smells and taste amazing also the effects are some of the strongest I've had concentrate wise from our program easily top 3 concentrate I've bought.

  7. I think that says 27% thc with a harvest of 10/7/22 and the terps are Limonene 0.46% Caryophylline 0.34% Linalool 0.33%

  8. Damn I guess you’ve just been unlucky, I think they do have a couple strains that just genetically have low terps too

  9. Yeah I barely get 1.5% total when I get BR I thunk that around the most I've had from them and that was lemon dosidos. I Normally see like .5 on the first one to .6 then the other 3 Normally like .2 or .3

  10. I picked up their outer space oz smalls yesterday and they were pretty decent smalls I posted on here with pics and stuff

  11. Noticed Delta 9THC is 6.74٪. The highest I've ever seen was 3 something and the vast majority is under 1%. That being said, I really have no clue what Delta 9 is or does. Putting out the call for someone to explain!

  12. What I get from that is that the more delta 9 thc % probably the more stoney it is or has the potential to be since it has more psychoactive thc in it. Probably why we see lower percentages here in ohio the flower here is very medincial not necessarily get high and be stupid flower imo.

  13. THCa or Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is the non-psychotropic cannabinoid found in raw and live cannabis.

  14. Kinda low in the terp department but still a good smell. Buds look good could definitely be better. Taste is hints of lemon and gas nothing to strong though. The effects are good if you wanna sit back and watch a movie.

  15. The effects on this one are definitely on the lighter side but still really good imo if your lookin for a daytime strain that has calming effects but not sleepy.

  16. So if mine is also velociraptor we fuck? Or do I need to find someone who's down with pachycephalosaurus to compliment my dinosaur love? I need answers.

  17. The pachycephlksaurus is an amazing dinosaur I used to go to school and just write pachycephalisaurus over the boards in every class.

  18. Text everyone there are a ton of recommendations. It’ll keep me busy for a while. LOL thanks again

  19. I really like the RB(Ricky Bobby) from klutch it has really helped with my ptsd and depression. Also if yoy want something that would just knock you out maybe not taste the best is big head everytime I've gotten it one bowl and I'm out.

  20. My favorite brand is either harvest or pure ohio wellness for price to quality ratio

  21. Paloma is one of there stronger Strains effect and smell wise. The taste is super sweet kind of fruity with a hint of gassy/dank notes. It's probably bout a 50/50 on the cure. No complaints from me I would if you like that kind of strain fs I don't think you would be disappointed.

  22. I make a day of it when I come up 😂…I enjoy the people up there…you guys are much nicer than folks down here in SW Ohio

  23. Last time I went up I fell asleep on accident a rest area definitely was too tired for the trip. They are definitely nicer up there down here in the south you got to worry bout the wild junkies round everywhere you go it seems like some of them really be wildin'.

  24. Have you been there multiple times with the same experience?

  25. I haven't but I went there on Wednesday and they have the same options as they did so I bet it the same stuff I got so I would say I could lean you in the right direction without misinformation.

  26. I trust you 100, I'm just wondering if over time it's always what you're describing or if maybe they had a record of it varying a lot

  27. I heard they always had alright flower but the chapter 3 supposed to be there best harvest yet heard all them been a little on the dryer side tbh from what I could collect off of previous post about it but I haven't seen anyone say this stuff is trash don't buy it. All I could find is that it taste good and is hard to beat the price that you can buy it at.

  28. I'm going to weedys tomorrow it's in Monroe with right off the Ohio Michigan border heard good things bout their flower if that is what your interested in

  29. They got a fire deal 50% off first order up to 100 dollars off total so you could get a ounce from them for like 80 if that your thing. Only reason I wo8ld recommend it so much

  30. In my experience it varies. Depending on dispo but even depending on budtender. I've had one budtender open up any concentrate to check out, then another at the same spot hit me with the "well actually we're not allowed."

  31. I thinking bout going with Wonka Bars and cataract kush from what I saw on reddut those seem to be more like diamonds and sauce compared to just sauce

  32. Do you know if heads Monroe on the med side don't know if that matters would let me open the containers and see them

  33. Get a Puffco hot knife. You’ll be happy you did regardless of the wax.

  34. What about the Saber heard it had a flashlight and a replaceable tip unlike the puffco hot knife

  35. Those hot knives seem to waste product, it doesn’t all melt off of it, some stays on the knife. Better off just leaving dab tool in bucket as it heats up, letting product melt off tool.

  36. Ahh OK I really just wanted one to help mess with saucy concentrates or shatter.

  37. Cake Crusher and GG4 from harvest were both strains that had calming effects but didn't make me tired.


  39. Firelands is the only company that has never disappointed me

  40. I've bought them 6 or 7 times over the last year and have only had one jar from them that I felt something off of. Rest felt like I bought some cbd.

  41. When I first smoked, I didn't feel much butt that changed after I smoked a couple of times.

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