1. I honestly love everything about the 96 version. The camp, the clothes, the dialogue. Everything.

  2. Honestly? In a perfect world, I’d still work and send my kid to daycare. Ideally, though, we’d have someone nearby for backup care when our son is sick. That’s probably the only part I’d change. Otherwise, I love our current arrangement. I WFH and send our baby to daycare while I work. On slow days, (admittedly, not that there are a lot), I can throw in a load of laundry or watch some YouTube or something.

  3. I said in my post she has come over smelling like alcohol, but this was once and a year ago. The troubling thing to me is that my husband denies that she smelled, but it was the first thing I smelled when she walked in. My husband is in complete denial of his mom's issues, and the problem I'm seeing is she *could * be drunk or drinking and I'm a bit nervous he would deny it or wouldn't tell me because he knows I'll get upset and not want her around the kids.

  4. I mention further up that my dad is an alcoholic. I will acknowledge that our situations are a little different, as my dad was abusive due to his alcoholism when I was growing up. However, I will say that in my experience, alcoholics and enablers have compromised judgment when it comes to the drinking. Both will work very, very hard not to acknowledge there’s an issue. And that absolutely can compromise the safety of your kids.

  5. Thank you so much for your understanding. It's definitely a unique situation and one you would only understand if you've been in it. It's not an easy decision at all. I'm starting to think that maybe I should only allow her here when I'm here, and more occasionally like on holidays, so I can watch her around the kids and if she's drinking. My husband is adopted from foster care, so I think his relationship with his mom is complicated and not one I understand. He feels a lot of guilt and like he owes his mom a lot and will defend her no matter what. Which makes me nervous about her being around my kids given all her bad decisions, and my husband enabling and covering up that behavior.

  6. For what it’s worth, my father is an alcoholic, and this what we do. (Not saying our situations are identical or anything.) Visits are always supervised and mostly on holidays.

  7. Feeling a little frustrated with my husband and with the overall situation of teething/daycare sicknesses. Our 10 month old has been teething the last couple of days and daycare said he’s been unusually fussy. Because he never naps at daycare, I talked to my husband about him staying home with the baby today to see if a regular schedule of naps and medicine would help. I have a project due this week, so I knew that even if I took the “day off,” I’d still have to find the time to get it done. (Not easy when a sick baby is home.)

  8. Im so excited to watch him in D&D he deserves his leading man moment

  9. I do not like the dude at all, but I've had STRONG second hand embarassment watching him do this plus last week he tagged the showrunner of The Last of Us on Twitter for a spot in season 2. Seriously, it's like a visceral, whole-body cringe.

  10. Yessss that made me cringe so hard and I don’t even like the dude.

  11. Same lol. The title of the last one that was deleted made it sound like as if the victim was saying that they recanted because there was evidence supporting Majors when it was all what his lawyer said. These posts are totally not suspicious at all.

  12. Those are the same types who were posting about how “Justin Roilland was found innocent”. No, asshole, he wasn’t.

  13. How can you read that a grown man laid in front of his wife's car and still think he's the nice guy in the situation

  14. Honestly, that kind of behavior just screams abuse.

  15. God that is so dark. If he leaked nudes she sent him while pregnant with their daughter, he is truly sociopathic. I would never forgive that, I don't know how she's going to soccer games with him.

  16. Lord, that’s a new level of awful. 🤢 Poor Olivia.

  17. Tom is actually a good character and the impact he had on other characters, like forcing Daria and Jane out of their status quo, was a net positive

  18. I just wish the show tackled more of Daria's economic privilege. Daria complains about Tom being filthy rich, but Daria is also super well off even compared to the "lower middle class."

  19. Oh man yes. This is one thing that’s really hit me as an adult now. Daria is very privileged, and the show doesn’t really analyze that.

  20. Oh I’m sorry, I genuinely didn’t know! I thought it was an acronym for something, like darvo, which I just learned from here tonight. Thanks!

  21. I had to Google DARVO! I hadn’t heard of it until this thread either.

  22. i don't understand how you can say he doesn't drink. he does drink. a lot.

  23. Right? I had to reread that sentence a few times in the post because I thought I was misreading something.

  24. American Eagle is where I found some of my favorites, surprisingly! Durable, cute, and high-waisted.

  25. My husband and I have done similar meal preps. The trick is to freeze them on a tray or something similar (like this picture), then remove from the tray and put them all in ziplock freezer bags. Just toss the bags in the freezer. You can remove what you want from the bag later without them being stuck together.

  26. Yes but they also organized a rent strike against Fischoeder. Talk about class solidarity!

  27. Plus Bob criticized the wealthy house owners in the LARP episode and supported the worker uprising! (Even if he did like cigars and brandy.)

  28. It was in nearby Louden Co. There was a teenage girl sexually assaulted by a boy (who said he was a girl) in the girls bathroom. The school and district covered it up. Made the girl and her family’s life miserable until they were forced out.

  29. You have links on these stories? I can’t help but think a lot of these stories are fear mongering. Transgender people are not more likely to assault people then anyone else.

  30. I linked to it above you. Some key points are being left out in order to paint an anti-trans narrative.

  31. They get recess at lunch and of course they have gym and other specials. But my husband went to back to school night the last 2 years and there is actually a 40 page common core manual on every kids desk and all the teacher does is read word for word that exact manual for 40 minutes. And than there is maybe 5-8 minutes to ask questions. And he did ask questions about field trips and she said there is no time in the curriculum for field trips.

  32. This does not make sense. I used to teach and now work for a textbook company. Common core is just a list of (pretty broad) requirements. It literally wouldn’t mean anything to a student even if they were presented to them. And it wouldn’t accomplish anything to just provide them a bunch of requirements without any material.

  33. Whats even weirder is that I googled it out of curiosity and Long Island (which OP says they’re from in a comment) doesn’t even use CCSS. They modified CCSS to be their own standards.

  34. Whoever is downhill has the right of way. The people above are expected to be watchful of those below as it’s obviously easier (and safer) to keep your eyes forward than constantly look back uphill. I know they’re both claiming to have been the downhill party so that will be interesting. Collisions like this can be life-changing and sometimes fatal. If she did in fact hit him, she should absolutely be responsible for paying his medical bills, at the least.

  35. Took me about two-thirds of the way through your comment to realize you weren’t talking in metaphor. Clearly I don’t know anything about skiing.

  36. I guess I am now officially old because I recognised 2 people on this post 💔👵🏻

  37. Gosh me too. I was like, who are most of these people?? 😭

  38. Rob Lowe said that Chris from Parks and Rec was also based on him a bit. The ordering water bit was something Tom Cruise did when he had dinner with Rob

  39. That’s not always the case. If the mother was presented with the facts and believed them then and the stepfather was willing to leave and never come back then she would remain in her own home. Then would be a period where a case is opened and they refer to them as “released” to the mother only, and they check to make sure the stepfather isn’t there. CPS separates and does interviews with all parties, asks them what they want to do and then makes that decision to remove or not.

  40. If the mom doesn’t believe her daughter now, facts are not going to change her mind. She’s already made her choice, consciously or otherwise.

  41. Can I ask with all sincerity, wouldn’t it be better to get her to admit to the abuse quickly (even if it is distressing for her) so that steps can be taken to remove her or the stepfather from the home? To get her out of harms way, assuming the stepfather is in the home?

  42. We’re going to work with our parents to put something more regimented in place. For years we weren’t planning to have children so they’re beyond psyched. They’re eager to help out but my boss having the gall to give me crap right after a potentially fatal health crisis? Gross.

  43. I’m so sorry. Not quite the same but similar: my husband was told he could take PTO as paternity leave, but after our baby was born, he was told he had to come back early due to staffing issues. I’d had an emergency c-section and we had zero help, but my husband had to leave us alone and go back to work even earlier than originally planned. I’m STILL furious with his boss for that.

  44. …wasn’t that during the Great Depression? Exactly how many housewives were home polishing the silver? 🤔

  45. I am a SAHM. I wish I could work and make some adult friends that way, but it’s just not an option. Childcare in my area is $20+ an hour and with my work history I’d make minimum wage ($13.50). We can’t afford for me to work. :/

  46. Would you consider working at a daycare, even part time? I know it sounds counterintuitive, but it’s sometimes different when it’s not your kid. You’d get to work with other adults and trade off the work load, and at least in my area, daycares offer a discount to their workers.

  47. I have professional experience with ODD. I worked in an in-patient rehabilitation center for children ages 11-17. I’d say 90% of them had ODD.

  48. Wonderful to hear about the kiddos who grew up into healthy, happy adults! Mental health supports are so important.

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