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  1. This is actually the most quality verison of these meme I've seen yet.

  2. I am not a PC player and I fly through the looting now. It took a bit to LEARN but I did it and am doing it fast and well. People camp the buy stations? I call those free kills. The game is good. No the game is great.

  3. This right here. i was confused when Op said the looting sucks when it actually pretty decent.

  4. He didnt have control of joker at the time since he was enraged.

  5. I remember I was refering to a accident once while telling my coworkers about a accident that happened on my lunch and the cops was there. I unintentionally called the cops "Badges" while I was telling them what happened. And they instantly looked confused and asked what did I mean by badges?

  6. You have to complete the Gary Missions to find out. After enough visits he sends you to a location with a shady meeting between some suits and Maelstrom.

  7. I've forgotten about the cyberpsycho named lilith so I didnt even peiece that together.

  8. Wako is horrible. Scavs are scum, this guy is middling, he does things that he shouldn't and takes advantage of the vulnerable but he has his place in the food chain and he maybe deserves a punch, but I'd sooner shoot Wakako.

  9. This is probably the best way to describe this whole situation and Fingers.

  10. He's not looking out for them, he's taking advantage of their desperation.

  11. I know that he isnt thats why I put "looking" in quotations.

  12. Whats the best pre-workout to take before playing Call of Duty?

  13. I never got that to be honest. Why take preworkout just to sit and play a game?

  14. Because they wanna be as cracked out as possible.

  15. While sitting down? Im not trying to be funny or anything like that but how?

  16. Callisto Protocol for sure. Glen Schofield is such a passionate and likeable developer I just know that it's gunna slap. Little weary on the Dead Space remake because it doesn't look that much different from the original aside from the graphics but even that doesn't seem like much of an upgrade, so I'll wait until it comes out atleast. Really wanna play the SH2 remake but I don't own a PS5 and doubt I'll be getting one anytime soon so.. shame that it won't be released on PC.

  17. This is also my thoughts. Im definitely picking up callisto but I've never played the first dead space (mainly due to me playing on ps3 at the time) but i did get a 360 at one point with dead space 2 already installed on it so I ended up playing my heart and soul into it. I just never picked up 1 even after I beat dead soace 2 all the times that I did.

  18. Love the throwdown into the void at the end, so cinematic. DeS Remake parry animations are the best ever. My favs are maces and fists, sooo brutal.

  19. My favorite gotta be the crtical hit while 2 handing the uchi right after a parry

  20. Oh my lord you can smell and hear these pictures these screen shots very high quality

  21. This might actually be the best meme that represents how my playthrough goes.

  22. it’s in the lab you break into with river

  23. Op really just got Midir'ed. But it depends on how you are to be honest.

  24. This is the way of the cowardly, choose the way of the Chad and always have that Taunters Tongue enabled.

  25. Alot of hosts are scared to use that thing.

  26. She assumes you're out to pin everything on Evelyn

  27. It was uncalled for to be honest like V said that wouldn't make any sense.

  28. The plan was solid sure, if everything went as planned. Evelyn set up the job with no backup plan, t bug and dexter can be to blame for this too. But Eve had no concept of how the underworld of night city worked, just a romantic idea of how she thought it would work. Thought she could screw over a bunch of people with no backup plan and after everything went south she paid the price. It’s even somewhat implied that she intended to be the only person to survive who was involved in the gig making sure she was so far removed from the job that V and Dexter would take the heat from Arasaka if things went wrong and her reluctance to involve Judy more than she needed too. Night city ate her up and spat her right put.

  29. Idk if Im its because I'm high or something but it look like Mogh about to get sturdy in this screen shot

  30. I feel like you missed the entire part where Nero stopped them full charge with one hand for each, bitch slapped Dante, then suplexed his deadbeat dad so hard a half demon demigod did the dad groan while standing up, the only time anyone's actually felt middle-aged in the series.

  31. He used his devil wings also when he stopped them.

  32. My cat would fall asleep on our banister and fall off several times a day (much shorter fall than the video). And despite us moving him and him constantly falling down the stairs, he kept doing it for months.

  33. Lmao the fact I can picture all this is funny as hell.

  34. Alot of people say maleina is hard but I personally enjoy her boss fight alot.

  35. Ooooh thata why everybody and they mama been getting and doing crossovers with 2b,9s, or a2.

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