1. I got out! I was in a very similar situation. My mother was extremely abusive and was starving me and talking my walker from me post hip replacement surgery to immobilize me so she could yell at me. Horrible situation. My boyfriend ended up moving in during the 2020 lockdown so he could help me around after my second hip replacement. He lived there with me for almost two years (our own set up in the basement). Never had a job at that point due to chronic illness so not a lot of other options. In January 2022 she gave me covid after knowing she had it and was meant to be quarantined upstairs, but came down to yell in my face to move my car. My boyfriend took me on a walk while i had a panic attack and we decided to go to lowes when we got back from the walk and get moving boxes and get the hell out. We didnt tell my mother and packed everything up and we were out in two days. She had no idea until her boyfriend came downstairs and saw the boxes. She tried to tell me that I was not allowed to leave. I was 19 at the time. It was extremely stressful and I didn't feel like I would survive on my own, I had never considered having to leave my childhood home that soon. But I did it! And it was the best decision I ever made. I am the healthiest I have ever been. I recovered from an eating disorder, my lupus is in check, and I no longer have to feel like someone is going to get me sick in my own home. I know it can feel like there is no way out but there is. The universe forces change on us when we need it but cant take those first steps ourselves.

  2. Above all, don’t underestimate yourself. You’ve got this, OP

  3. I was admitted to Motts childrens hospital when i was 15 for what we later learned was lupus nephritis. I was inpatient for a month and i had many doctors on my rounds in the morning. There was one attending resident rheumatologist that was there every day. I am 21 now and she is my main rheumatologist. She has been an incredible advocate and even teaches students with my specific case as an example. I am lucky enough to have had someone so dedicated to my well-being. I love seeing her because she is the only doctor that i dont have to explain my situation to and always takes my concerns seriously. She probably remembers more about my medical history than i do lmao. Not every doctor is like her though and i have totally also had my fair share of bad ones. Good doctor or not though, you always have to be your own biggest advocate. You know your body best.

  4. I have seen good reviews on nutrifol if that’s something you’re interested in. Other methods would be using a scalp massager and rosemary/peppermint oil directly on the scalp, Mielle has one!

  5. When you say the test is normal, I’m betting you it’s just TSH isn’t it?

  6. Edit…. After talking with a nurse, It was a TSH test with reflex T3 and T4. She said that since the initial result was within limits it did not warrant additional testing

  7. Yup youre right it was just one blood test for TSH. I will ask my rheum to put in an order for a full panel. Thank you!

  8. Needs to feel….. appreciated???? For loving you??!?!!!?😅😅😅???:!:??😅😅😅

  9. Had no clue that cucumbers and pickles were the same thing until i was 20 and my bf told me

  10. I want to say I got it on Amazon- look up hamster decor and you might find it!

  11. Try switching one of the lot traits to private dwelling. Might also want to try fencing around the lot with a locked gate

  12. I am 20, diagnosed with lupus nephritis when i was 15, and I haven’t really ever had a real job. Right now i am my grandmother’s caregiver and my grandfather reimburses me for it.

  13. Maybe some climbing decor if you’re feeling extra lol, id look on etsy for that kind of thing

  14. Besides checking to see if the park has disability services, i would say dont be afraid to use a walking aid or a wheelchair of your own. A wheelchair would be useful in the sense that you dont get drained by walking or can take a break whenever necessary.

  15. I've been diagnosed with lupus nephritis for 6 years now and I am on multiple meds like hydro chloroquine, lisinopril, and zoloft. I smoke marijuana regularly, but I would advise you to use methods that use water filtration (such as a bong or rig) is best because it's not as bad for your lungs. No bad interactions there. As for the others, I guess there really is only one way to find out. I can't speak for dmt and lsd but shrooms are more than likely okay to use, just changes the effects it will have.

  16. Thought it was a windmill this whole time. Just now realizing that doesn’t really make any sense

  17. Being misunderstood is one of the hardest parts about lupus in my opinion. People cannot possibly fathom how hard it is without having it nor imagine the scope in which it effects us. Even the doctors that “specialize” in it. Invisible disease is hard, but dont give up! You are not a lost cause and there are options. Keep speaking your truth to someone that will listen!!

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