1. Curse my brain. My first thought was: "it's my favorite Sonic level!"

  2. As you truly always do, you look ravishing

  3. As you truly always do, you look ravishing

  4. Would like to see how they built the cages on the left a bit more.. I see the hinges but not to sure what’s really holding those grates to fully for the weight

  5. I've built similar cages for their competitor. If done correctly, it is hard mounted on the three sides you don't immediately see, and a frame on the front most side that holds the sliding doors. Makes for serious effort to steal from. But that assumes that the merchandising team was sent all of the correct parts and could install all sides.

  6. And what would happen if all of the Christian groups were added together? I imagine a far different picture

  7. I see this, with no sound, and all I hear is the Kirby theme. Works really well lol

  8. This is literally how the name Nimrod (a great hunter from the Christian Bible) became synonymous with idiot: Bugs Bunny kept sarcastically calling Elmer Fudd "Nimrod" to mock his lack of hunting skills.

  9. I would want to, but you're also way out of my league. I'd just be happy with getting you a drink

  10. For some reason Mega Man in Captain N sounded too much like Krillin's chain smoking brother. But that could be how I remember it after so long

  11. I also think that was the base, looks like the same pose from his wiki page

  12. I asked ChatGPT to rewrite it in simple English, here was the output:

  13. Thank you for this. I've seen clearer phrasing from quantum physics white papers than from the picture the OP sent.

  14. I would in front of a crowd if need be

  15. Just glad you're safe, just worry about healing up, we will be here

  16. My gf and I both approve of you.all they kept saying when seeing you was NICE with a big ass grin 😁

  17. The spell Petrous. Though you need to borrow someone else's wand to cast it, much like you did there 😉

  18. Tifa Lockhart in the flesh

  19. You're cute as hell in both, but overall it's all about how you feel best, both physically and mentally

  20. Regardless of the scale, you're damn cute. I just hope you feel that way too

  21. Between you, the pegging, and the super cute panties, nearly lost the month.

  22. Oh Rogue, the last anal anyone can ever enjoy. More than worth it for some (looking at you Remy)

  23. I thought it was! Hope things get better for her

  24. At twitchcon she jumped into a poorly filled foam pit and broke her back, subsequently also causing a miscarriage.

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