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  1. It is hard to accept that it has no cure. But maybe in his lifetime they will make a breakthrough.

  2. I personally have neurofibromatosis, so I’m no stranger to having things on my skin most people don’t understand. I asked the doctor if those could be related and she said no just very unlucky. He doesn’t really seem bothered by it now but i worry about the future

  3. My son is 5, and just got diagnosed with this at boston children’s hospital. No cure huh ? What lotion or cream has helped you most

  4. I’m sure he reaaaalllllly connects with his fans after the show

  5. Chris D’Elia is performing in my town for some fucking reason, coincidentally at the same venue where I saw Brand New on their final tour. Even if I don’t ever get to see them again, I just hope they make more music someday. Nothing feels like listening to them does.

  6. Ok can someone tell me what is moving on top of the bed Alicent and Viserys were in at 33:49. Almost looked like a rat on top of a bedpost to me but I’m really not sure.

  7. Geralt. Witcher 1 cards serve as a template of what to expect

  8. I saw Tool, went to Boston Calling and saw Metallica and Weezer, and saw Third Eye Blind and Taking Back Sunday. All is fine !

  9. Gender didn’t seem to be included at all, although for the NIPT test they should have checked gender at least for their own records the traveling hospital pediatrician said it was “scrubbed” from record or just not there. No mention of gender at all from NIPT test to either ultrasound. I don’t know how that happens… but I was relieved NIPT test didn’t say girl and they weren’t worried once they checked his genitals and determined they were normal.

  10. Do you happen to have a picture of your "girl" scan? I'm curious how girly it looked 😂

  11. I actually don’t! She didn’t give us those “it’s a girl” gender pictures. Started to wonder if I pregnancy dreamed it but dad heard it loud and clear too 😅

  12. I thought it was hollowed out bread

  13. Boston Childrens is where I had mine

  14. I live in Eastern Ma too and have had a few of these lately. No advice but following. Ugh.

  15. I was gonna say… that doesn’t sound right at all

  16. T1-L2, so not exactly L3 but damn close. I hike, sometimes 9 hours at a time.

  17. The note said "use the little ones they taste better " talking about the sauce. So maybe they were using the big cans since they were selling a lot.

  18. And he mentioned “why was he buying the little ones when it’s cheaper to buy the larger cans” So probably started buying the big ones

  19. I was hooking up with this guy for a while before getting in my current relationship. Always stressed the importance of a condom. We both like to drink and smoke so would do so quite a bit. At some point during one of the hookups I realized he had sneakily taken it off and called him out. Then kinda ran crying to the bathroom. Even though sex was completely consensual I felt so violated.

  20. Not consentual if the condom is taken off w/o permission!!

  21. Right , so I guess not completely consensual. I honestly had no idea it was considered rape until I saw this thread.

  22. We tend to walk up escalators, if you’re going to stand stand to the left

  23. Stand on the right, walk up the left. Don’t be an esca-lefter.

  24. Wait, yeah you’re right. I blame pregnancy brain. But yeah, that!

  25. My thought exactly. I haven’t touched an opiate in 7 years, but I don’t think this is the right place for recovery talk. People are going to do what they’re going to do, and where else can they ask questions like that?

  26. I once had a room mate who charged my boyfriend and I $1300 to share a room while she paid $650. Everything in the house was essentially hers, she was always in the living room. Nope. I would never do it that way again.

  27. F30. I have recently started growing them in the crotch area too, as well as a lot more in my torso area. If you have others in other places, it should be easily explained. The right partner won’t mind the bumps, but I can understand caution that comes from ignorance.

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