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  1. It does not help the fact that I know who the artist is.

  2. They really gave them the HP and POW Move bar from Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood.

  3. I remember seeing this artwork years ago during Elementary school. Nowadays, seeing my favorite characters in a jar makes me uneasy.

  4. I bounce between them, but I've never tried just sitting there. Is that viable in the original or is that just an Origins thing?

  5. You can do it in the original as well, and it can also be done to the boss in Act 1 of Lava Reef.

  6. I have another clip following what happens afterwards.

  7. Wait, you can defeat that boss?

  8. Yes, you can indeed defeat the first part of the boss fight, if you have enough jump height by using either elemental shields to reach it, or Super Forms.

  9. As long as Frontiers is fun to play and I enjoy it, I personally wouldn't care. Looks like people who played the demo have really enjoyed it.

  10. I'll just give it an honest shot when it comes out and that's it

  11. That's the plan. And every time someone says that, it's met with "We said that about Forces."

  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this model.

  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this model.

  14. I've worked the overnight shift at Walmart in a larger city. This isn't even close to the weirdest thing I've seen in Walmart. This is standard stuff. I've had to put condoms, tampons, Vaseline, and knives back where they go after some kids thought it would be funny to try to prank me by leaving them in the frozen foods coolers. Jokes on them, me and my friends did much worse pranks when we were younger. All that does is give us a reason to walk away from our department for a while.

  15. Really now? Knives? That's just dangerous.

  16. I'm still wondering how it even got there.

  17. I'm looking forward to 1.19; however, it doesn't really feel like a "Wild Update". Hoping the updated birch forest makes it in a future update.

  18. Cappy Dake Hay! Wait, that's not right...

  19. This art was created by me, Shurifera (Shuri).

  20. Praying that Amy will be playable in Origins.

  21. I want this game series on the Nintendo Switch so badly.

  22. This is really good, I like the weight and feel to it. To me, it doesn't feel like full run it feels like the phase 3 of 4 or 5 run

  23. It will be a build up to this full run. And possibly him doing other actions.

  24. The Jeweled Scepter is the equivalent Master Emerald, and of course, Blaze is the guardian of both the Sol Emeralds and the Jeweled Scepter.

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