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  1. Im interested, have an experience on handing NSFW accounts for more than a year.

  2. can somebody help me understand "aggregate deductible"

  3. Hey fam I got a song I feel like would fit rlly good on this playlist if ur down to give it a listen🙏🏽

  4. $bid im a software engineer using core python.. but No knowledge on AI and GUI.

  5. i can totally relate to it.. im 26 and on my 25th birthday j made a deal with myself then on 26th birthday if i was not happy then im gonna kill myself... but on my 26th birthday.. i gave one more chance to myself. hopefully before next birthday i will be in better position.

  6. dont be too hard on yourself and please give yourself one more chance. if you need anyone to talk, you can dm me.

  7. how can they remove middle part without cutting the bread?

  8. definitely good dog.. but how do you know he guarded for 4 days?

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