1. My bday in October I ain’t neva comin home😭😭

  2. Is it safe to say that you’re allergic to 🐱

  3. Your local Edgar could be a narco, didn’t see that one coming

  4. Gregory gotta be a member😭😭😂

  5. Atleast they didn’t fuck up his crib like they do here💯

  6. They probably did at some point. This is just a few clips of stuff as it was when they got there. They’re still going to do a detailed search and take anything and everything that could be evidence for the charges against him.

  7. “Remember the way I felt inside I was in dat cell when wajib died”

  8. Don’t disrespect el hussle like dis

  9. Everyone hates t8 wtf😂😂 he really be gettin into people skin

  10. Mr. "I don't talk to my sister since I don't want to fuck her" has given plenty of good reason to hate him.

  11. You just playing I can tell but he’ll really fuck you up frfr

  12. Besides, I wish "he" would 😂 I need an excuse to throw down hahahaha

  13. A stoner will use all of em. It’s not ab race nor gender

  14. Stuff it inside a deodorant just take out the white stuff or the gel if you have that type

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