1. For Switch players I can see why they would be complaining. Locked behind the premium online and can't play online with randoms.

  2. Misinformed people are far worse than illiterates. America with 99% literacy rate is an example

  3. Im not talking about just the US. Tons of other countries literacy rates skyrocketed in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

  4. The US was designed to be anti public transportation it seems. Definitely anti bike or walking lol. When I'm in any other country I can easily get around but not in the US, it's always why we have like 70% more land covered by parking lots

  5. Its easy to get around on a bike you just have to obey traffic laws

  6. Maybe I'm crazy, but being 1 win away from the playoffs is preferable to me than being bad

  7. Idk for me it just sucked being held in purgatory. You aren't good enough to make the playoffs but you dont totally suck so you dont get a high draft pick and the coach gets to stick around.

  8. We did pretty great with those picks and that coach, but I guess to each their own

  9. Ill never agree we did great with garrett. We never got past the divisional round and only made the playoffs 3 times in 10 seasons.

  10. Surprised to see the game played with one hand. That's more of a challenge than the game itself. Kudos.

  11. He has a no trade clause so dak would have to waive that to allow a trade.. so never gonna happen

  12. In the documentary it says their reproductive organs function normally and they want to to have kids one day

  13. Mark feels like a special project for her. Whether due to the Gemma/Ms Casey connection, or something more, we don't know yet.

  14. I feel like they are experimenting with love transcending severance. Like how ms casey said her favorite 8 hours was in MDR with mark.

  15. It could also be the fact that she was awake for more than 30 mins and not sitting in that same room reading an arbitrary list of facts to be enjoyed equally.

  16. Yep or irving painting all those dark hallways that seem to be the hallway to the break room

  17. I worked in the industry before as a waitress and imo the answer is stress, especially if you’ve got a bad leader/boss

  18. Assuming from your username you are a fellow 80s kid! 88 here!!

  19. Full swing on a chip lol. Needs about half the power with the full follow through

  20. Looks like a 94. Super cool. My first vehicle was a 94 sierra ext cab 2wd

  21. I don’t care if they do heroin if the pace is reasonable and they don’t leave needles in the bunkers.

  22. Also, since their consciousness is so blank they are a lot like children in the sense that they dont have an innate propensity for violence. They have to see it or have some outside influence. In S1 it was Rickens book that sort of emboldens them to start fighting back.

  23. I got mine cause I thought the design was cool and I’m a Harry Potter fan. I didn’t know that it was that big a deal

  24. He creates top 5 offenses with consistency while having a starting QB outside the top 5, and offensive line outside the top 5, running backs outside the top 10 & an overbearing GM. You simply can’t name 5 OCs in the NFL better. If he’s the problem, it’s probably fair to blame the mechanic’s tools in this case

  25. This was what people said about jason garrett back around 2007

  26. Trading Dak isn't an option for at least another season, maybe two. By the time he's eligible for trade, his value will be very little.

  27. Dak has a no trade clause so he can't be traded while under contract

  28. I imagine your prediction will be just about as accurate as the last one. Enjoy the offseason my guy, good luck with Dak

  29. He’s made of iron sir, I assure you, he can

  30. This fanbase is stupid. Wanted Steve Walsh over Aikman, shit on Romo for years, doing the same to Dak.

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