1. I think they are just trying to pass the container costs to the person taking out the order instead of everyone in the restaurant.

  2. Did you get cheese or toppings in your hashbrowns? Because at my store it's 10.75 for an All star and 2.50 for a drink. Plus tax.

  3. I wouldn't use anything on your face. It's already so perfect. If you want to try makeup I think you should only do your eyes and stuff. Your skin is flawless and you have beautiful features

  4. I just started doing the settings spray between each layer bc I saw a tik tok that said it would help.. it was like that when I only set it after I was finished. Do you think if I switch to loose powder??

  5. Honestly your first picture screams beautiful to me. I would just do some lashes and a good gloss with a liner. The first pic is just so pretty, I would die to look like that naturally. I think the dark makeup weighs you down. You’re eyes and lips should be the center point since they are so nice. 🥰🥰🥰

  6. I also just got fired from olive garden for having a vape pen in my hand for 2 seconds back in the break area

  7. I wash my aprons with a chemical called pineallen. It is 1$ at the dollar store and it smells amazing. It really gets the greasy funk out.

  8. I don’t have the sound on because I am at work. Does the sound make it better or worse? Because right now this looks supremely terrible.

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