Biden: US forces would defend Taiwan in event of Chinese invasion

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  1. Your doomed If you trade p n l. Trade price action and go for good win rate and proper risk reward and dont move the stops around too much otherwise it invalidates that risk to reward. It's okay to often put the stop a couple ticks in the money to secure win but that can be dangerous too.. go for 1%win a day. Each of my trades are 1% risk going for 2% reward. Very small so that you stay alive like poker. The strategy is flags and pennants and trend like breaks and draw boxes around consolidation. After that just wait until the candle paints out of the zone preferably with big volume and higher time frame looking boxes. It's okay to get an entry on 1 min or 2 min but keep your focused zoomed out on the really big for sure a+++ setups. 30 min chart Is god tier. 4 hr chart shows amazing support and resistance.

  2. We dont go to the grocery store to shop. We go to get a mission done and completed as fast and efficiently as possible. We dont make lists so we have to be fast before it exits the brain

  3. If he was going to he would without saying it. This posturing is a red flag that hes just losing his grip. But what the fuck does a random redditor like me know huh?

  4. I normally enjoy Katt William's but his latest special was simply not good writing. Not a lot of effort and his improvisation was a bit sloppy

  5. When people call internet strangers "fam" instant trigger

  6. I wouldn't give her shit and she's lucky that your doing all the work sounds like.

  7. Guess we know now which maps are going to be on the new CoD's first expansion pack

  8. Wait, is that a thing? Like pre war train our kids type shit? If so that is fucking heavy metal

  9. Poor mans just fighting to get us jobs and equal pay but at the same time you know he knows theres friends gettin rich, he knows its fucked up, but what can you really do about it. Cyclical nature right? Look in Joe's eyes hes fighting for the common man to get their equal share.

  10. Double ichimonji. Plus it's really exciting to yell ICHIMONJI!!! while pushing r 1

  11. Growing beards when they act like children to cover up how immature they are

  12. These red hat retards get so mad while explaining their point that they always forget a peice of common logic and continue to jerk themselves off without looking at anything objectively and only can look at it emotionally and In a way that fires them up to think "yeah I'm right they are dumb" and get no where

  13. Instead of buying the market I used my covid money to improve the house before inflation got the prices but looks like I'm just a clown. Hopefully I get that money back when the house sells in 5 to 10 years then I can buy the next dip since these things are gonna start happening more often. I will eventually invest in construction companies in large areas where hurricanes and tornados from climate disasters rise

  14. Mmorpg stealth game with pvpve and coop and teams but solo not hindered. Think sea of thieves but stealth action and ridiculous arcade scoring systems and card board titties

  15. I steal all of the money from family and then invest it in the stock market and never go to college

  16. Imma start using alerts. I cant help but over trade. I'm bad. Today my strategy dint work at all

  17. Ninja just baught tradovate. Tradovate is dope. Also topstep fund program uses tradovate look

  18. My opinion he is worthy of the code name boss given his spectacular gameplay and accomplishments in Afghanistan and Africa. Truly amazing soldier. We all can be big boss

  19. This is the answer Volume spike right thru a resistance? Its gonna pop. Its reverse what your mind thinks you should do, buy high then scalp a little or catch a runner with 2 contracts then set the stop in the money.

  20. It's okay to be attracted and even love someone as the same gender that doesn't make you gay. The moment you put his dick in your mouth then yeah you're a fag

  21. This comment section is just shit talking entertainment assholes talking shit. Do you guys do that with every post about random celebrity does xxx thing?

  22. I mean he was a crazy guy and I think he met some Catholic monks from an Abbey, this might actually make him somewhat normal.

  23. Got enough flags? Looks like every person brought one to prove they are in the cult

  24. This guy getting dunked on for hating both parties, what an oof, have an upvote! In other news I think people should vote republican so the economy can get back on track and we can focus on energy independence!

  25. Republicans want to shut down the EPA how is that good for anybody? You must be low brain cell to vote Republican

  26. New grounds. Explains why I'm so fucked up. Honestly one of the best gameplay wise put together games I've ever seen at the time called Pico's Revenge. Now this was a naughty game. One you wouldn't want mom walking in watching. Now my older brother was Into flash games and actually created his own game, called border patrol. Cartoon mexicans in sombreros went left and right and he copy pasted the pistol from DOOM and the goal was to make them disappear. Simple. And xenophobic lol. Anyway pico was much more complex gameplay wise and had cutscenes. It was naughty because you play as this school shooter/anti hero.

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