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  1. Salamence! Fun fact I have my favorite Salamence from Pokemon Emerald in pokebank :))

  2. I feel like they're better built, I've had so many regular controllers from the stores and develop small problems like a squeaky right, etc. However, my design lab controllers haven't had a single issue and I've abused them a lot probably putting over 100 hours on each controller.

  3. After I finish a match and lose because my partner trolls by running off the stage…that’s when I want to mic up and go crazy 😂

  4. To further my point, the game is focused on 2vs2 being it's primary game mode, it would be really useful to even communicate with my team mate. We could set up easy combos and even make new friends.

  5. Elaborate on physically tackled onto the floor?

  6. Online shopping for Uniqlo is absolutely ridiculous, and not worth It at all unless you definitely know your size.

  7. Source? When I bought my pair (beginning of September) I was told they weren't constructed in Australia anymore.

  8. Would love to get a 3rd person search and destory mode.

  9. Will you be wearing extra layers that are thin? I have this jacket and wear very thin layers and it’s comfortable. But when I wear a hoodie with this jacket I feel a tad uncomfortable.

  10. I will be wearing a regular sized hoodie underneath. Nothing too thick.

  11. Update: Decided to buy one, let you know if I face any problems. So far so good though, no drift issues out the box and all the buttons work.

  12. A Xbox Elite controller 3 that doesn't break within a year, a built in mic, and maybe some haptic feedback features.

  13. Read the patch notes before low effort posts like this. They really won’t desperately need it, it’s a secondary issue after server fixes. New stages take time.

  14. they’re obviously working on it wym. There’s an image of the new stage already

  15. Hope it comes out sooner than later then. The current maps are getting stale and boring.

  16. Hey I actually just purchased a pair and I have to say the quality looks really good. I live in Canada so I got it shipped from Australia and I'm really impressed. I owned blundstones before but these just seem way better. Lets see how they hold the test of time though.

  17. Did you guys get your money back? I'm in a similar situation right now and I didn't know they were gonna take this long with be refund either.

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