1. I think you need to take the bags off man once you get a couple of true leaves on there

  2. Oh really? I usually leave em on for the first week but this will only be my third grow, I’ll take them off

  3. That’s a very good idea, thank you! I’m always looking for the most budget friendly and I think the small tent idea is probably worth the purchase for drying. Appreciate you both for the help.

  4. What sort of bugs? Not all soil-dwelling insects are harmful to your plants. Identifying the type of insect will also help ensure you’re using the most effective type of repellent/killer rather than just blasting with a broad spectrum pesticide that’s only somewhat effective against some insects.

  5. They’re looking like aphids and I had aphids during my last grow usuing the same happy frog bag

  6. Feel like op going to pull up at a friend's and pop caps with them

  7. We all getting lit. Each piece is pretty strong. The bullets are the weakest piece and even those little guys are roughly 20mg a piece. The guns are 3 tablespoons worth 😁

  8. Citric acid if you add too much will make them sweat the liquid and make the gummies melty

  9. I did 2 small finger pinches on each sheet. I have 5 separate sheets more than 200 pieces

  10. I’ve had my ac infinity fan going everyday on 8 for the past 8 months and have absolutely zero issues. I may need a new carbon filter soon but that’s to be expected.

  11. I’ve heard they last about 2 years with a wash in between. Is that way off?

  12. If your fixing it out of pocket source as many used parts as possible already painted Infiniti white. It’ll cut that bill in more than half. Just have a good shop do the work so body lines match as good as they can get it.

  13. How come you pay for your photone app? Mines free with full access

  14. Do you have an iPhone? I got the android version in Denmark and it's free even with LED Full Spectrum

  15. Yeah iPhone, 😒that’s weak apple charges you and android is just hooking it up

  16. I use the grove bags all the time now. Never had a problem. What’s up with putting in fridge? Never heard of that one. Not to cure anyway.

  17. I dried it in the fridge. I hear it preserves the terps better, my tent is around 68F. I wanted to see if there would be any type of difference between each process.

  18. I don’t know yet. It’s been out of the fridge for 2 days now. If I do, I need to buy a small fridge or wine cooler because I had it in my regular fridge and my dickhead friends dk how to keep the door shut.

  19. If they are full blast all the time I would have them 30” to 34” watch closely and adjust as needed.

  20. That much of a gap is normal? Once flower starts I have it about a foot away. I have a 2x2 with a 3x3 light set to 100%. Haven’t experienced light burn or heat stress yet

  21. Looking at your last grow you 100% had heat stress. So maybe don't do that

  22. When drying the bud shouldn’t it be as dark as possible? That window on the fridge isn’t doing any type of damage?

  23. Darker is better, but this won't be much light, or for very long.

  24. I’m in the process of a fridge cure also (first time) you leave it in there for like 2 weeks then jar it or grove bag right?

  25. Bounce it off the tray instead of packing it like that. Small pieces of bud will fall down and kind of fill in any gaps by the mouth piece

  26. For sure light I dk your spacing but I had a crappy gixxer light and my nugs were tiny. I grabbed a ac infinity light full spectrum and my nugs on this run are fat af. I normally keep it a foot from the canopy

  27. Yeah I just cure in grove bags in my grow room. I dont really monitor the rh in the fridge. So long as its a frost free fridge when the condenser kicks in it removes the moisture from the air so it fluctuates wildly. Also as soon as you open the fridge warm humid air rushes in. For this reason I keep my fridge closed at all times except for the 5 mins every 3 days where I take out the bags to give them a shake. Also rh at such low temps is a bit misleading as colder air holds less moisture than warm, so I'd take the hygrometer reading with a pinch of salt. I've done 3 harvests in the fridge now, all came out amazing, still smelled just as good as when freshly chopped. Did a hang dry side by side with one plant and the fridge dried stuff is noticeably better

  28. Would putting the bags in like a lunch box work or would all the humidity be trapped in the bag. Just trying to keep the fridge light off it as much as possible. It’s chillin next to redbull cans at the moment. I tossed the buds around twice already today.

  29. You don't wanna put them in anything fully sealed as that would just trap all the moisture. The way the fridge dry works is by removing the moisture slowly. I have a dedicated fridge just for my weed but if you're using your normal fridge I'd say just limit the amount of times you open it to the absolute minimum. Everytime you open it you're letting in warm moist airm which isn't gonna help

  30. Yeah my roommates are dickheads and are in and out all day. I need to find a cheap wine cooler or bigger mini fridge

  31. Hey me 2016!! Don’t waste a lot of $ on name brand lights. The increase in performance isn’t worth the extra $. Just get a good dimmable board bigger than you need. Amend and reuse your soil. Don’t cheap out on a Ph pen and do it every time you water. Get the best genetics you can, this is where you want to spend the $.

  32. If smell is going to be a problem for yah get a ac infinity inline fan and carbon filter. If you have a 2x2 or 3x3 get the 4 in anything bigger get the 6 inch fan

  33. I do agree with this but drop the money on the light. I had a piece of crap gixxer light and my plants looked horrible. Got a ac infinity full spectrum and loving every second of it.

  34. So you chop the plant prune em a bit then directly in paper bags? No hang dry?

  35. Yeah sounds crazy I know but that is the thrust of it. If you want to wet trim a bit first that's cool too it'll just speed up the dry time a bit. 👍

  36. I appreciate the response, I know this thread is 4 years old. Have you found anything different in the process over that time period? I’m about to chop my plant when I get home from work later tonight

  37. I have same thing but my flowmasters are by the exhaust tips, with the borla muffler where your resonators are. I wonder if placement will effect sounds

  38. I also thought of that but, I have no drone or rasp issues. It’s only on cold start ups but, that’s because I have the stock cats.

  39. Oh nice I have berk high flows. Definitely one of the better sounding exhausts for the price tho. Ark and motordyne expensive af!

  40. This beat is tough, where can I hear the rest of the crackhead chronicles

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