1. This is honestly one of if not the best survival show song. I've been listening to the teaser a bunch in anticipation. It's so good. This was very Muneo heavy. She's magnetic. Jipsunhui high note? I recognize that voice anywhere, that was a bullet to the eardrums.

  2. First of all: I'm expecting you tasteless hoes to drag me to hell (Demacia) for this

  3. He's alright looking but as a character he's great (don't forget this isn't just a beauty pageant)

  4. Idk all of the pics in the image are meant to be hot thats why I'm talking about looks.

  5. Tbh I can kinda understand that, I'm more of a Jayce simp anyways lmfao 😭

  6. So.... Any good husbando gacha game suggestions? I'm open for anything tbh like even powercreep or pvp is fine by me

  7. Only Kazuha was more popular, but that was only the first comeback. Garam was easily the 2nd most popular and only struggled with popularity due to the silly scandal

  8. Was her popularity struggling because of the scandal or was she popular because of the scandal? I'm slightly leaning into the second bcause the moment her teaser dropped knetizens were already talking about her bullying scandal...

  9. I still miss them so much 😭 But knowing that all of them are doing well as soloist, actress or in IVE/LE SSERAFIM/AKB48/HKT48 makes me so happy for them

  10. SHINee's View is a very beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. The MV meanwhile sees the group kidnapped in Thailand where they then proceed break into private property and party with their kidnappers.

  11. lmfaoo I never noticed this 😭 Whenever I listen to this song I only quickly glanced at some of the MV scenes and I thought they were just going for this wild summer road trip vibe

  12. Man those mean comments about Jonathan were horrible

  13. yeah ngl the first few comments were just kinda dumb but that last comment was ridiculous πŸ’€ I'm glad Eunbi immediately called out how trash that commenter is

  14. Wasn't sold on his design with the original splash art but this tho πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ He looks so good here

  15. She isn't just listening to it, she's promoting it πŸ’–

  16. Wasn't feeling the title track very much (though I might still warm up to it) but Croquis is soooooooo good!!

  17. I was vibing to Same but Different and then it suddenly ended 😭 whyyyyy is it so short??

  18. Who’s the group standing in front of ive/lsrf?

  19. I think it's (G)I-DLE? They dyed their hair blonde for their next comeback.

  20. Guys C1 Cyno or get his weapon? I already have PJWS at R2 so I'm not sure if I wanna get his weapon...

  21. Are players still eligible to earn a free Punika powerpass? I have some friends that are trying to get to T3 and I might help them push it if the Punika powerpass is still possible to get

  22. The only thing that was posted about it on this subreddit was some photos Hitomi took of the cosplay, but

  23. WHAT I lurk pretty often in the AK community and only now I found out that Hitomi is the one cosplaying πŸ’€

  24. I'm not "shaming" her, I'm concerned for her welfare.

  25. Yes and she mentioned she doesn't like it when people worry about her weight and that she would prefer that fans would focus on other things about her instead.

  26. She doesn't like it, she will like it even less when she ends up in hospital for malnutrition. It's pointing out something she likely already knows is an issue. She should be responsible and work on it instead of putting out images like this that give girls dysmorphia.

  27. Bruh literally the whole industry has girls looking skinny like this, Hitomi alone can't change that πŸ’€

  28. WM better have a big budget for Chaeyeon's debut after leaving her in the dungeon for so long 😭

  29. AHHHHHH FINALLY!! She has been in the dungeon for too long 😭 Can't wait to finally see her on stage again

  30. I think it’s because minors are singing it…but minors irl would sing this stuff so idk

  31. Ehhh idk, I think letting 15 year olds officially release a song about sex is kinda... strange. For Proseka I think it's ok since they're not real characters but if a company would let real 15 year olds sing this they would probably get cancelled lmao

  32. Probably in the Japantown of Dusseldorf, I went there a while ago and they had some bookstores that mainly sell japanese magazines/books

  33. 100% shouldve just gave us scouter this month and clown in september.

  34. especially since theyre giving us the mecha skins this month... would've been perfect to combine it with Scouter/Machinist

  35. Nene's irritating and a little overly rude sometimes.

  36. I used to feel like this as well, Nene used to be one of my least favourite characters but she gets a lot better as wxs's story progresses (especially in JP). I do like her quite a bit now 😊

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