1. 1430 is a horrible place to park at since you aren't building toward Relic armor and making your alt stronger over time. People will look at your item level first before your engravings. Also 5x3 on a 1430 is pretty suspicious since a 5x3 might be overcompensating for lack of skill.

  2. I only managed to save enough materials to hit 1430 on all my alts. I'm trying to push for 1445 but that's going to take alot longer and also I like to save up atleast 2 piece relic before I push for 1445

  3. Never said I was broke, i save up materials through chaos and raids and use my gold on accessories and books instead.

  4. Yeah, I never apply to those last +1 supp or +2 supp left slots because I always play with my partner. I've also been kicked out because I was bringing a friend (I guess reddit stigma on saying people +1 = bad) so now I just make my own parties because supports attract other supports and my partner is 1500, so easy peasy filling up.

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