1. Thecrouch to stand and stand to crouch delay in this game is way slower than the previous games.

  2. Lmk how it goes I’ve got a couple I’d sell.

  3. You know you can get them with a full seal kit for 350 right.

  4. Yeah and they aren’t in the same league. I’ve seen them both and the difference in quality is pretty significant.

  5. Not all of them it’s literally GA’d cuz if two pros the rest didn’t mind

  6. Obv the rest minded, they need a majority vote. That’s a lot higher than 2.

  7. You legitimately think that's all the wiring an engine needs to safely run nitrous? Really?

  8. I’m not sure ‘how much wiring an engine needs’. I don’t think the engine needs any wiring besides the ignition system.

  9. Notice the man didn't say "wiring a nitrous solenoid", he said "wiring for nitrous".

  10. It was satire guy lol. I’m just shocked that you actually have a clue about what you’re talking about and still made the statement ‘that’s all the wiring an engine needs to run safely’.

  11. I did! Found a 4.5-27 for $1300 👌🏽

  12. Yeah. A steal. Did you have one available?

  13. Yeah I’ve got one I’m looking to get rid of. But not that cheap, mine has rings and bubble on it as well.

  14. Looks like you would have better control over the comfortable the ride would be on the 044

  15. Possibly. I’d probably call suspended by smarty or big bear performance and ask if you’re on the fence. Just tell the wife you need the 044s and be done with it.

  16. Go to your desk top, follow the instructions to remap.

  17. That sub is generally people going on about how they're taking away our rights. When I ask which ones, they can never tell you but get upset that it could change in the future.

  18. Educate yourself. Every year new gun legislature gets introduced, goes through the committees, and gets voted on. It’s not for lack of effort, if you want to know which laws are proposed that’s public information and easy to find. I suggest going to the capitol and supporting whatever side you’re passionate about.

  19. Anything about the crippling latency? Didn’t think so.

  20. I know you can call ‘someone’ and ask about the road status. Just not sure who that is.

  21. What do you play? I have no idea why they offer those, get the smart triggers.

  22. I applied for my permit to purchase on 11/3 and haven't heard back yet. What exactly will the MN gun owners caucus do to help me? Just curious as I'm new to all this.

  23. They are a point of reference for all things gun related. They have lawyers helping them. You can contact Ben rust in Oakdale directly.

  24. 35 and I can’t stand not being able to run around cracked as fuck mowing you whipper snappers.

  25. It’s the 22x , not the 22xe “extreme”. Numbers might be higher with that cam but based on where I like to hang out in the low RPM range this was the better option for me, torque curve is just perfect for how I like to roll on throttle, honestly just never stops pulling.

  26. Just looked on their site they have setups with the 22x making 115/130 with intake/exhaust only. Right in fuel motos dyno gallery.

  27. dang! well I have to bring it back in for a retune anyway, keeps throwing a code for an O2 sensor. Took the db reducers out of the Grand Nationals after the tune so maybe that will help? Otherwise it's the stock "high-flow" filter, haven't decided on what one to put on in it's place, but I kinda like the "sleeper" vibe of it looking stock but having that monster inside it. I'll take the extra ponies if my tuner can squeeze them, still more than enough power for me as is lol

  28. Less parts in motion and less to fail. And I wouldn’t say it’s a big enough difference to make someone decide differently. I don’t really disagree though the upgraded tensioner kit is all most will need. If you were asking me though I would say the pro of gear drive is that they’re durable.

  29. My initial thought was gear drive would be less reliable. Not because of the moving parts, but since the HD cranks are so dogshit the gears will eat themselves.

  30. I get it every once in a while. There was a driver update yesterday.

  31. I think maybe they are referencing his social media posts.

  32. Guess it depends on what you can get for it.

  33. Skipped the bend test and went straight to the snap test. They look good.

  34. You’re still trying? ‘Laughs in Cornish Rex owner’

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