$333 Million in my account? This was a shock for me this morning. It still has not glitched back to normal after seeing this for that past 30 min.

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  1. Yes, having a $2000 phone die through no fault of your own as far as we know is definitely only mildly infuriating.

  2. well the thing is if a $2000 phone dies on you like that after just 6 months, it has to be at least PARTIALLY your fault, I mean they're made to last longer than that and this doesn't happen to 99% of people.

  3. I'm not stupid, I just thought it was the American flag, then I look at the flag emojis, and there is no American flag. So, that's literally the only reason I thought it was America, because, why would another counties people, who probably hate us Americans, take the time, and energy out of THEIR day to make a digital picture to text of type in comments on social media? My brain said all this in point five seconds.

  4. the fact that legal loopholes like this exist is actually fucking pathetic. if you shut the door to MY house in my face, I will break that shit down and kill you.

  5. Oh dude yeah I misunderstood my bad, that sounds not good, I’d try to take it back and try to get a refund or exchange, maybe there is a number you can call straight to the company. I just got one too a couple weeks ago but it works great so I don’t think you broke it

  6. no worries man, yeah I think that's what I'll have to do unfortunately unless I can figure something out or someone else has any idea, thanks for trying to help!

  7. You ever fixed this? Same thing happened to me. I ended letting the battery sit in my room & bought a new one. But recently I checked the battery and buttons started working again, but now its back to being stuck. Not sure whats causing it

  8. hey dude, sorry for the super late reply I assume your problem is probably either fixed by now or you got a new one but yes I fixed it, I just let it sit for a few days until it died and I guess that made it reset it self and fix whatever was keeping it from doing anything. hope yours is okay now

  9. would've been so funny if she lightly through it at his nuts, man would've just dropped hahahaha

  10. if I were the employee I would've just started screaming at the kid. you wanna talk like an adult? good, now you can get treated like one.

  11. You just be joking she said 500k by 2026, you’re just proving my point making false statements to pan a successful woman and make her seem insane like every other chauvinist schmuck in history.

  12. so Cathie wood buys stocks and then they tank and that's sexism? what's it called when it happens to me then?

  13. it's pretty hard if you're rushing through an opu with 5 minutes left and you literally don't have the time to do that without missing it

  14. Then miss it, if enough of these ridiculous goals aren’t met they will hire more staff to accomplish them. The more we do the more they expect us to do

  15. honestly you're right, and I agree, but my fulfillment TL at my store is all over us about missing them and it would be more of a problem to miss it than not, but I fully agree with you personally

  16. had an ooze just like the one in the pic that I got from my friend a year ago, which he had for at least another year before that, they do the job and will prob last much longer if you're careful with it

  17. And Im assuming you did it but just to double check you did try and hit the power button 5 times to turn it off?

  18. yes I've tried that too, doesn't work either. screen is doing weird things too like sometimes it'll just show the battery gauge or it will randomly flip, where the screen swaps orientations, idk what's going on with it hahaha but thanks for your help and quick responses!

  19. Don't know if it'll help but try charging it for a sec see if it does anything. Other than that might have to wait for the battery to die. Never had this happen I've used mine daily for like 7 months

  20. I tried charging it, that doesn't seem to work I guess I'll just have to let it die and see what happens

  21. I thought you weren’t allowed to post usernames.

  22. literally saw a mod in another subreddit saying anyone who defends Rittenhouse is banned. like imagine not being able to stand facts so you silence all opposition so the only people left are those pushing your narrative? pathetic

  23. They absolutely cannot fire you for refusing to work outside your availability… but it sounds like you’ve got the kind of trash leaders that will manufacture a reason to fire you. It’s a damn shame.

  24. does the same apply if I work more hours than I requested in my availability as well? I set 30 hours and I'm scheduled 38.5 next week, they literally could've just not scheduled me one of the days that I'm on for 8.5 hours

  25. It’s not as set in stone as availability. There’s a reason it’s called the desired hours. So it’s more of a request unless it’s explicitly discussed and you insist on a maximum hours. You need to be prepared for them to push back but if you stand your ground and are willing to quit rather than be disregarded… they will cave. Unless you happen to be in one of the few stores that’s fully staffed to level.

  26. true, I assumed that would be the case. I wish there was a more set in stone way to set hours per week, because I have a second job which doesn't have set hours that I have to show up, just work to get done but it's still annoying because getting scheduled more hours than I requested obviously still leaves less overall time for my other work even though it's not time specific. which sucks, but I'm just rambling now lol thank you for your help

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