1. For sure, grabbed this one maybe a month ago and it's definitely up there in terms of sweet, cakey strains for me. I picked up some vanilla and a little bit of gas on the end of it also

  2. Super intrigued to try some infused flower or shake or something like it. Wish we could get infused joints here

  3. Definitely not problem child by Farkas that shit put me DOWN (in a good way). Super potent and couch-locky

  4. This will never come up for discussion, Republicans will ignore it, so signatures will need to be gathered. The supporters botched this last year and without lots of money, and better organization, they will botch it again.

  5. love galenas, but these are smalls IMO , but they charge 42$ wild. easily top strain for me. would still buy, just annoyed at pricing and labeling and its Monday morning at 630am

  6. These are definitely smalls, should not have been $42. I just bought some Galenas smalls at Bloom and they were way less than the regular flower.

  7. Show me a canadate that isn't a lockstep demicon wokeist or a republicrat that isn't ultra uptight right. I'm a concervitive librartirian with socialistic views. what does that mean.

  8. light leaks, biotic and abiotic stressors, variant morphology, and even genetics themselves can account for reproduction/seeds.

  9. I've grown sporadically and it always seems like fem seeds herm on me

  10. I think it's Gorilla Puff and Orange Velvet Underground, or at least that's what my dispo told me

  11. There is some good stuff up there but I agree that the majority of what I've gotten is not good. I would def agree that my average purchase in Ohio is generally a higher quality than the average in Michigan. That said, Ohio still has some bunk as well.

  12. Urban is going back to the sec if he comes back…guarantee it.

  13. Yeah but only because when Sark gets fired Texas will have just joined the conference

  14. Galenas says 10+ for their smalls, so it's smalls. I am guessing the price was different than what their regular flower would usually sell for

  15. Grab Lembas Dough if you can find it. Its my new favorite.

  16. Galenas is garbage for what you pay. I will take any Woodward strain over galenas any day. I have wasted so much money on them trying to get the best because they are ‘organic’. Not sure why but I always feel awful after any Galenas. Throat sore, headache etc. Never looks fresh. Never smells good.

  17. You might be the only one my guy. Everything I've had from Galenas lately has been excellent. The Lembas Dough and Alien Pebbles were top notch.

  18. lol the strain name. I just looked it up and it isn't even a GMO so I'm not sure what happened with the name but it intrigued me at least

  19. Interesting cross. I might have to give this one a try.. what strain do you think stands out the most in this cross?

  20. Not OP but I just picked this one up recently and it is different than all the parents. I never had Crescendo but I have had mimosa out west and Galenas Electric Peanut Butter Cookies. I saw someone else describe the terps as angel food cake with a little gas and I think that is pretty close for me as well. And it's a strong strain, stronger than some 30%+ strains I've had, so be warned.

  21. Very nice. It smells great, looks great, tastes great and has noticeable effects. It’s everything I want when I go to dispensary

  22. Alright awesome, I guess I gotta grab some then. What aroma do you get off the bud?

  23. I simply can't understand all the Ohio hate I've been seeing recently. I've been all over this country and I just don't get it. I moved to SW Ohio a couple years ago for work and for the most part it's great. I don't get why people have decided to single out Ohio as a place to hate on.

  24. Don't get it either. I have lived in other states and it's all pros and cons everywhere. Ohio has a ton of upside. People are generally more pleasant than the coasts, it's cheaper, and you still have access to larger markets and the same kind of cultural events you'd want in those places. The only thing it really doesn't have is an ocean or easily accessible mountains (yes I know the SE).

  25. Yeah well most people are focused on thc count when a 17 percent thc with a 5 percent terp count hits harder than a high 30 percent like this

  26. What strain are you talking about? Not sure I've seen anything with 5% terps

  27. the # just refers to the pheno strain variant. the most typical is GG#4 i believe the standard grows it consistently sometimes with the name Gibsonburg Glue as they're out of gibsonburg ohio i think.

  28. I messaged Galenas to get the story on this and apparently the guy who bred Gorilla Glue had 2 phenos that he kept from the original hunt, #1 and #4. #4 went on to get all the hype and that's what everyone used to breed into literally every glue strain we have now. So this strain is sort of the lesser known GG cut I guess

  29. Orange 43 is my go to sativa, but also lemon slushee is 🔥

  30. Man, if you’re anything like me, all sativas are anxiety inducing

  31. Always liked Lilac Diesel specifically because it was not a high-anxiety strain. And that said I've had some indicas that gave me anxiety, Problem Child was one recently.

  32. Wah wah wah. Mf plays on OSU where they play in a weak conference, get all the recruits, and have a near guaranteed path to the playoffs, but god forbid Michigan is actually beats them and they can't backdoor because the committee dicksucks them.

  33. Dude you guys just lost to FSU. But please tell me about your dominant conference.

  34. Bro it really doesn’t matter to this Georgia team. You’re all just ants about to get steamrolled.

  35. This is correct. I don't think this Georgia team is unbeatable in the same way some past Alabama teams were, but I don't think there is much of likelihood that this OSU team or anyone else further down is going to be able to keep up with them for 4 quarters.

  36. Why would this type of behavior be him tanking? Hasn't he been like this the whole time?

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