1. If it is a delta printer than you need to do a manual bed mesh leveling with a piece of paper. The too high / too low on one side or the other comment makes me think this could be something like effector tilt or arm length variance.

  2. im not gonna lie that withdrawal will be hard as shit. either start tapering down with benzos and lyrica/gabapentin or get on buprenorphine/methadone maintenance

  3. are you sure? im about to do this on a cr10 mini since it has the same issue but ill testit with my switching power supply and i hope it works

  4. Just what I've heard. I used a 4.2.7 in a 12v system and I believe I've seen them in 24v setups too. Might need to swap a jumper but my cr10 had the 4.2.7 board and worked well, albeit I did have some issues at first with getting the tmc2225 steppers to work in marlin, but after I figured it all out I was good to go.

  5. Sorry, i meant time, not speed. but if it is 5 s, maybe it could be why it is stopping? Turn it to 0 s and see if that does anything

  6. Solution found, please see my initial comment :)

  7. I think the problem is from the runout sensor, it looks the printer is going in to the Advance Pause Feature, try disabling the runout sensor.

  8. This would require user input to resume the print, no? The printer continues printing after hanging for ~5-10 seconds. I can try this

  9. Found the solution. Printer was sending m109 s[print temp] at extruder switches, I did not think this would cause such a long wait but upon commenting these out it fixed the problem.

  10. Thc is a mild hallucinogen. Don't go doing psychedelics or you'll be back 'there' again

  11. Im sorry idk if im stupid or something but this psychedelic shit interests me a LOT and i know im not the only one who’s interested

  12. The way US government operates it is literally easier to remove laws than to add them, especially when they're just rules or tied to funding instead of an actual bill that was passed. Making a federal law like this one would definitely require some R votes to get past a filibuster

  13. The US government operates in a way that maximizes our politicians income. That is all. Our senators and representatives don't actually care about representing us, this is the real reason why things do not get done in reasonable amounts of time and why we are fighting the war on drugs still. It's always been about making the most money for yourself in this world.

  14. You need 60 votes in the Senate to avoid a filibuster. The Rethuglicans have been blocking every bill that would help working class Americans for years. ESPECIALLY when Obama was President ! Wake up ...

  15. 98% sure it’s glass, the detail is wayy too intricate to be homemade sugar work

  16. You think the bakery boys know how to blow a rig? Lol go look up how those bongs are made. That's a blown glass bong.

  17. Can you blow candy glass like real glass? Do they have someone at the bakery who just knows how to make a rig? I'm confused..

  18. Okay, first off stop trying to force feed him, you'll do more damage then anything else.

  19. Took to vet today. They gave me antibiotics and an anti inflammatory to give him. They said that the two main causes for this are infection and lack of supplementation. They said there is no good prognosis for metabolic bone deformities but if it is an infection it may resolve itself in the coming days. Nothing in my husbandry supports bacteria or infection I do not use substrate, keep fake plants, good air flow in the room with the cage, etc. So I hope that this is isolated if/when it resolves.

  20. I won't cry for anyone who was planning on exploiting workers for profit.

  21. Good thing I'm the sole owner/operator. Wouldn't need employees.

  22. Just gotta roll ur joints with the cigarette filters

  23. This is seed weed. They never gave the plants any nutrients they just let them grow. It will still do something albeit its not gonna hit like exotic

  24. Yea let's send the poor guy who is just learning to meditate straight to fuckin Saturn.

  25. This. Don’t go back to apps, try out a proper meditation tradition.

  26. I just did 30 mins eyes closed every day, eventually I began to saw increases in cognitive performance. Meditation must be taught or learned from one's deeper psyche.

  27. You're just more conscious and your body is sick of you treating it like shit. Switch to Edibles i guarantee you, it's less of a masochistic gesture towards the universe.

  28. Some people need a lot of Edibles to get high because of their metabolism. Thc is broken down by a specific enzyme and some people generally produce less/more of it.

  29. Np. You should start to see that the first hit is a little weaker because the coils aren't hot yet

  30. Make sure to get a little cbd cart box to put it in. You won't get it confiscated if it's labeled as cbd, tiny possibility it could get taken if left in original packaging.

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