1. I read your post and the texts I would go no contact. She's extremely dismissive and I personally cannot see any upside to having that person in your life.

  2. I think people have forgotten about the volcano eruption Tonga I believe it was. It caused changes in the atmosphere. This is a product. The earth is doing it's thing. Instead of panicking we need to adapt.

  3. Those whales are fucking awful

  4. Off brand oreos and pop tarts taste way better imo.

  5. I also like some Shasta flavors over other brands. Lol I didn't even have Shasta until I was an adult.

  6. Off seconds after I walk in the door. Right after my shoes.

  7. Unfortunately I work a full time job during the dat and have a hard time getting my wife to follow any sort of schedule for my son

  8. How fucking cold. I have two 4/3 and I could never. Never. I remember crying when this news first broke. This baby boy deserved so much fucking better.

  9. Okay but your sexual hang ups are affecting your relationship. Every boyfriend I've ever had has asked for pictures. Shit the man I've been with for 5+ years still asks me and mentions it would be nice to get some.

  10. Forgot the stopping for food after being on the road for 30 mins. And then them saying they don't know how much longer they can go. Lmao

  11. I don't work. My partner works. Once our children are in school I am going back to work. The only person I trust to watch my kids is my mother and she works full time and also lives 50 miles away.

  12. That looks amazing. Never heard of beef shin. Can I substitute another cut ?

  13. Right before the recipe starts there is a sentence that says. Other cuts of beef are fine just as long as they aren't too lean.

  14. This is a super amusing question, but never answer casually with any seriousness.

  15. I know all of my boyfriend's profiles and he knows mine. I find it weird that couples are so secretive. Lol

  16. Is he throwing them on the ground and everywhere else? Yes?.. trashy. No?... Not trashy.

  17. Allowing the couch to get into that state is trashy

  18. No, just two dogs. I washed my shit when it got dirty though. I've since upgraded to leather and it's so much easier

  19. Hidalogo's, Lazy Donkey, Trompudo's, Tacos San Pedro, literally any taco truck near a gas station.

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