1. I'm confused at what this is saying. Obviously no one likes toxic masculinity. TF are they on about?

  2. You know that incels think all women are shallow. They only want "Chad" who treats them badly instead of a "niceguy".

  3. Come on, do you really condone one parent forcing their child to cut off the other parent, unless it's an abusive situation? A child is allowed (and supposed) to love both their parents - making them choose is putting your own hurt feelings ahead of your child's welfare - and parental alienation.

  4. People really didn't like it when I said last time that the mother is wrong in making him choose. And that she hates her ex more than she loves her child. But I still stand by that.

  5. What a vile, disgusting person. Incredibly pathetic, immature, disgusting, and scum of the earth. I really hope this is a troll.

  6. It is. The twin pregnancy gave it away. It's always twins in these troll posts.

  7. Ask your coworker how he feels about the other men's daughters he paid for sex. Fucking hypocrite.

  8. You are not giving your husband nearly enough backlash. Why did you still love your husband but you lost all love for your sister? It takes two to tango. Good you are divorcing him

  9. Gotta work on your reading comprehension, buddy.

  10. In what way was the sister treated worse than the husband? Because of the beating up part? Because I think the height and weight difference is quite important to acknowledge as to why OP only did that to the sister and not the husband. She chose to spit in his face instead.

  11. Have you ever had really good spaghetti with a really good sauce?

  12. Agreed. My brother makes a really mean spaghetti bolognese. I would stay for that shit, too.

  13. Your SIL is severely lacking manners. You don't invite only one person from a married couple to your wedding. And It's very strange that she would exclude her own SIL. And I really can't think of a reason why she would do that. Is there any backstory between you two that would explain animosity from her end? Any bad blood?

  14. She had added me on the sister account so I looked at mutual and saw that she was friends with girlfriend so I asked girlfriend who it was and she said it was her twin sister.

  15. No, I mean, has she ever said anything about having a twin sister before the social media thing? Or was that the first time that came up? Because I feel that having a twin is something that people would mention when you're getting to know one another.

  16. And that didn't seem strange to you? You didn't question her or anything like that? Like "why have you never mentioned her before?"

  17. That a girl with such trauma might be a lot of negativity, drama and bs!

  18. I sincerely hope nothing bad or traumatic ever happens to you in your life. Because by your logic, you would die alone then.

  19. I will die alone, and that's exactly how I want it to be, so all good on that point!

  20. Good for you, if that's what you're happy with. And good for other people as well. That doesn't give you the right to claim that people with trauma are less deserving of relationships and intimate human connection, though. She's not less than because she was abused.

  21. Ask yourself this: What is this man actually contributing to your life except for money? He treats you like shit, destroys your confidence at every turn, threatens you with divorce when he doesn't get his way, doesn't help with your kids and I don't even need to ask if he helps with chores, because I already know that the answer is no.

  22. Nah. It really doesn't. They just want to feel superior.

  23. The fuck are iron maidens used for them? What practical use can a person-sized container full of spikes possibly be used for other than torture?

  24. There is no evidence that they were actually used is the thing. IIRC they didn't actually have iron maidens in the middle ages (or at least didn't use them) and it's a torture method that people made up in hindsight. I could be wrong about that, so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt.

  25. They had sex in secret, big deal. I thought we were passed this petty bullshit. You take it and forgive simple shit. Shunning a woman for just being horny and unable to control herself is barbaric. Breaking up with your husband is understandable, but you have to understand free will isn’t exactly real. People have all kinds of urges and shit going on in their heads and sometimes they make mistakes, mistakes that can be fixed unlike some….

  26. I sincerely hope that I never have to meet you or anyone like you if you lack that much self-control and morality when it comes to your "urges". You're not an animal. And neither was the sister. She could control herself. She just chose not to. That's neither justifiable nor excusable. And I feel bad for the people who have the misfortune of meeting you if you care more about your genitals than the feelings and well-being of the people surrounding you. Really sad, actually.

  27. I have no issue controlling myself. But you people have no sympathy for the mentally ill. People don’t go around fucking their sisters husband when they are right in the head. Obviously she wasn’t in a great state of mind as she killed herself shortly after. Being exiled from your friends and family over a penis going into your vagina is ridiculous. You people who have such extreme reactions to nature will be looked at in the future the same way we look at religious extremists.

  28. Okay, so a few things. Being mentally ill might be an explanation for shitty behavior, but it's never an excuse. And people with mental illnesses will tell you the same. You don't lose accountability for your actions just because you're not entirely healthy. In fact, I think it's worse that you infantilize people with mental illnesses as if they lose complete control over their actions and remove any agency from them.

  29. You could've just... googled it. This is the first thing that came up when I searched google:

  30. The converse of this statement is that women at 18 are not mature enough to date or have sex with whoever they want. They're not real adults.

  31. I mean, the only conclusion that that should lead you to is that it's fine if it's another teenager or at least someone in the same age range. Since they are in the same stage of development. Which doesn't sound too crazy, does it?

  32. I've never seen someone reply to every single comment like that. Something in her personality disorder must make her believe getting the last word in makes her correct... just like a conservative.

  33. I also love how she says she doesn't care what a bunch of strangers think about her. While replying to every single comment in that threat and fighting everyone who doesn't agree with her. But sure, she doesn't care.

  34. Ooof, this is the kind of plan that occurred to me in my early thirties. I didn't and wouldn't do it, because it's absolutely fucked up, but it occurred to me.

  35. After update 1- So mad at OOP. So disappointed. Where is the rant about being furious with your husband? After update 2- Thank God OOP has realized who is to blame here.

  36. Somehow, OOP can only ever blame one person at a time, like Elinor in the OP, Spencer in the first update and her husband in the second update, when it's evidently clear that all three of them suck. Sure, the husband sucks the most. Doesn't mean you have to concentrate your anger on only one person at a time.

  37. Yeah, but as soon as she found out that Spencer and Elinor were told that she knew about it, that goes back to her husband.

  38. So you're telling me that both Spencer and Elinor believed that OOP was too upset about the affair to ever bring it up in talks but not upset enough that it would keep her from befriending the affair partner? Bullshit. They wanted to believe she knew or really didn't care because it made life easier for them. A real friend would've actually checked in with OOP if she really knew and not just have trusted this guy's word on it.

  39. Sure, always blame the affair and not the actual cheater. Since women cant control themselves, it is upon other men not to seduce married women?

  40. Both things can be true at the same time. They aren't mutually exclusive. You can blame the cheater AND the willing affair partner. And no one gave the mom a free pass, so I don't know what you're talking about.

  41. Did you ever consider the mom might’ve lied to the affair partner as well? Maybe he didn’t find out until she was already pregnant and suddenly had to come clean? You gonna get behind that and be as vociferous in your moral judgement for that sitch? Cmon let’s hear it.

  42. As you can see in my other reply, I was solely talking about situations where the affair partner knows about the cheater's marital status.

  43. There was a comment from a women here the other day that said a 28 year old women dating a 36 year old guy was an insurmountable age gap and that the women was basically a child. Rest assured it is not men that are age gap police.

  44. That is a very rare and extreme case though, no? And this woman was obviously a lunatic. But a whole bunch of people wouldn't say that a 30 and a 40 year old have too big of an age gap.

  45. Who tells a 30 year old that a 40 year old is too old for them? 20 and 30 I can see, but 30 and 40? Unless you went on an incel forum, where a woman over 25 is practically halfway in her grave already, I call bs on that.

  46. Ok I was on the fence about whether or not it's a troll, but if she said she banged the groom, I'm voting 100% troll.

  47. Oh, btw she fucked the groom and is now blackmailing him to still be able to go to the wedding. What a great person she is.

  48. I wish I could watch that video, but sadly by the time I got on YouTube Unus Annus was long gone 😔

  49. Okay, so I wouldn't usually do this because I believe in the message of Unus Annus and therefore don't watch any of that stuff anymore. But if you feel like it would help you to watch this particular video because it relates to your personal life, I could DM it to you.

  50. I tell you why people like OOP and some of the commenters prefer if a woman shoots porn under duress. Because in their eyes, that means that she also sees making porn and sex work in general as something "shameful" and something you couldn’t possibly enjoy. It feeds into their narrative. If a woman sees doing sex work as something positive, she's "tainted" and a sl*t. The only redeemable view on former sex work for them is regret and shame. Because then they can say "yeah she did that. But see, she had no real choice and wouldn't have done it if she didn't have to. So she also sees it as something bad. Therefore, it's okay."

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