Adult Swim Severs Ties With ‘Rick And Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland

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  1. Oh, you meant for the sensitivity of those who weren't selected. Alright yeah I see that. If it was released I don't think they would do it without their signoff or release any worse takes in bad faith. I imagine they would be very considerable about that.

  2. You almost lost me again for a sec but I think I’m tracking now. Justin Roilands victims. Yeah I don’t know if I have an answer for that. Im not sure if it would bother them or not, which I get what you’re saying now

  3. Hot damn. Sick bod brother. What kind of diet and routine did you go through

  4. I trip every 2-3 weeks. Should probably learn to grow shrooms myself and save money because it does get kind of expensive

  5. I can see maths isn't her strong suit, because she's a 4 that thinks she's a 10

  6. She has like level 7 on the crazy scale. Definitely failed on the Hot-Crazy scale.

  7. She'd have to be an 8. I left room for error because I think there are crazier woman out there. I still wouldn't have dated her because her morals are terrible.

  8. Stop driving a wedge on this topic, we need to romaine a civil sub.

  9. I thought grit, max, nell, eagle and drake were all in their later 20s. Even Sami is only 16 but still older than drake? So weird.

  10. This is an awesome setup. That seems like a great place to relax while tripping. I'm usually sitting in the dark or staring at trees.

  11. Trees are my favorite! Sadly I’m very temp sensitive while tripping, so being outside during the colder months during the trip is tougher. Can’t wait for the summer though

  12. Yeah I totally feel that. I get cold sweats when I trip so I still try to get fresh air but yeah it really does feel a lot colder.

  13. Soldier killing Torb while D.Va is Rammattra with a Lucio behind him.

  14. Not being able to hire because of no posted salary range seems more like an issue with the hiring process, not the job hunter. Who writes these corporate bootlicker articles?

  15. Lmao this sub went to shit. Now i completely understand why everyone thinks r&m fans are fucking incels

  16. It’s insane how many people are acknowledging the shittiness of a person and still defending him.

  17. Very noticeable change in definition, great work bro

  18. William Lopez Investments firm. Not sure if it's also William Lopez for the name or if the firm was short or long GME.

  19. Yep thanks for correcting me I'm tired and dumb as hell.

  20. While I'm waiting on more news to come out, Adult Swim cutting ties with a co creator of their biggest hit show was not a light decision. There's enough to know that something's up.

  21. The top comment chain down to you calling the guy above you a twat was the first insult I saw.

  22. I’m down for at least an episode where one dimension every single person is voiced by Jon H Benjamin

  23. It definitely depends on who made them. I can tell you first hand, I had a 4g bar that felt like an absolute dud (just a mood enhancement). But then I also had 3.5g of magic truffles that I didn't expect much of but completely overwhelmed me similarly to 10g trip I had the previous month. Potency was weirdly exponential

  24. Hey, any job where you can trip while at work isn't too bad!

  25. I've done it as a facility engineer. Problem solving gets easier for a slight bit, but then significantly more difficult. But its fun as hell. I stopped though because I like my job and I don't want to overdo it

  26. Man we really are pretty gay aren't we. I've counted kissing more men than women after 11 years in.

  27. Not knocking Johnny Cash but the Nine Inch Nails cover of "Hurt" is awesome too.

  28. Anyone can play whoever they want. That's...what acting is.

  29. I pocketed and saved back when I lived in my car. Employer kind of found out I was homeless and let me go because my competency and job performance came into question. Turns out being homeless isn’t a protected class, so I learned to hide it. I wouldn’t expect anyone else to be homeless to be able to afford food. Pretty dystopian for first world countries

  30. Weird I hired a homeless dude and yes awesome. We are couriers and he made a little apartment in his van. So I can send him super far and he will just sleep there

  31. That’s a good gig to have for homeless people. Another good one for people who are technically inclined is being a field service tech. Many engineering type vendors are always looking for handy men.

  32. I purchased the mushroom tea from someone. It was in a tea bag then I just added hot water and lemon juice to help it come on faster.

  33. Oh ok. As far as tea goes, I think I would rather try to prep it myself after I tried that particular mushroom but yeah you're gonna want to try some pure shrooms. But I think any mushroom product is worth trying at least once just so you know if its any good so at least you got your feet wet. I hope your trip was still good.

  34. Thank you for the advice. My trip was fine. I am glad I tried it. I do feel a bit happier today. Still a bit “high”.

  35. No problem. Yeah I think the post trip generally leaves you in a pretty good mental state for a couple days. That's what microdosing will generally be like, a mood enhancer. I think you'll want to experience a good trip before microdosing just so you're not left wondering about what it's like.

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