1. I mean, max cash is still max cash. Telling someone who has gone from. 200m bank to a 2.2b bank that they could’ve gotten another 2b might garner a bit of an upset reaction but they’ll eventually rationalize it down to “2b is 2b”

  2. 10 months coma? yeah that's obviously bullshit

  3. 2 inches may seem insignificant, but it's not.

  4. the pizza does look pretty thick though, they surely could just make it thinner and spread out the ingredients a bit more to make it 15 inches, essentially at the same cost.

  5. Where will russia get tanks and weapons for those 500,000 soldiers.

  6. I was going to say just take them from the dead soldiers but then I remembered they left their dead soldiers in Ukraine.

  7. you can find the entirety of the code for

  8. As someone said in an earlier similar post; your best bet might be to do a chargeback on your membership so you can get the account locked. Goodluck OP hope you'll get it back.

  9. A short video showcasing a successful kill of the Phantom Muspah boss by a level 85, using budget gear and without using any offensive prayers or potions. This serves as evidence that it is possible to defeat this new boss without relying on expensive gear, high levels of skill, or a maxed out combat account. It demonstrates that even players with limited resources can still achieve success and enjoy the challenge of tackling new content in the game.

  10. yes, that's why I didn't pot up or use offensive prayers

  11. It's never too late to do the right thing

  12. in the bottom of the last page on google (or if you're on mobile in the bottom) you can see this message:

  13. it's going to be almost weird to see him in a suit again

  14. umm please explain your line of thoughts here? how can addressing congress be literally trying to start ww3?

  15. unfortunately it will be very hard now to see a specific skill pass assuming that the 19% who voted no will keep voting no in the proposed options

  16. They have to make new site copies pretty frequently as google vets ads accounts and the sites they link to. They probably buy verified Google ads accounts and then run until they get it shutdown, new business entity/new bought ads account, re host their scam site, repeat.

  17. Yes I am not arguing that. The other domain they used to have expired. However they now purchased a .net domain which resembles the actual Runelite site even more.

  18. ok, so please explain to me how an ad that's been there for years can link to a website that was only created 2 days ago?

  19. don't worry it will pass it already passed the annual poll so no reason it won't pass this time

  20. Someone has been chinning a lot of skeletons :)

  21. Well they changed the polling to 70 even though it was voted on to be 75 years ago because they can’t get their garbage ideas thru at 75.

  22. garbage is subjective to your own opinion, however ever since Jagex announced the change in the threshold all the polls that have passed have passed at over 75% meaning no new content, garbage or otherwise, has been added to the game due to the lowered threshold.

  23. Insert polling a new skill for the 4th time. And the inevitable 5th poll for divine.

  24. none of the previous polled skills made it to 70% so the end result would still be the same if it were 75%

  25. Well, you don't know what sailing is or what potential other new skills there could be. One thing I do dislike however is the content creators making videos about the them wanting sailing as the new skill, it has the potential to skew the votes heavily in the favor of what the content creators would want the skill to be leaving any other option much harder to pass.

  26. good! we need to meet the daily quota of dead Nazi Russians

  27. It also looks like a penis with a cock ring. Coincidence?

  28. Apparently I earned 0 karma this year

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