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  1. Preschool then kindergarden in 1989. I'm a fossil.

  2. I started Kindergarten with a broken arm in August of 1989.

  3. I couldn't get one to leave when it was on the door i opened. You mean I could have just TOLD it?

  4. Just put up some angsty song lyrics as an away message.

  5. I was in the top 1% of Glenn Miller listeners. They invited me to share that with him.

  6. I can't differentiate. My brain still insists that I definitely could do it if I weren't so lazy. And I believe it. It's a struggle.

  7. At least that makes sense. My company (credit card) adds a late fee to the new bill, but even if we waive the late fee, the minimum due stays the same (unless the previous minimum due was the entire balance). Explaining that can be a nightmare.

  8. I’m writing a blog, I’m enjoying it so much I bought 6 more domain names fml 🤦🏽‍♀️ If you have a doodle (poodle cross dog) I’m gathering date of birth and birth place and linking up dog siblings 🤣❤️🐶😃 #obsessed

  9. That's so cute! I have a retired racing greyhound and all racing greyhounds have pedigrees online. I had a lot of fun finding out how my hound was related to other hounds!

  10. Fun coincidence: In 2022, one address on your coupon offers you a decent shot at finding an Alpine in-dash cassette / CD stereo circa 2000.

  11. Not just the hair on my head. I always always wore a ponytail but as soon as I had a house of my own finding my own hair everywhere freaked me out. I chopped it all off and have been happier since. Currently it's green. But in my dreams, I still always have shoulder length (and uncolored) hair and I'm often looking for something to pull it back with.

  12. I was gonna say this. Sometimes he carries Jesus signs, or at least he used to.

  13. My delivery instructions advise to leave under the mailbox specifically for this reason.

  14. I actually didn't drink because I wasn't with my family. Likely to have a fair bit of wine when we do get together.

  15. I would like to thank the chinese restaurant near Time Square that was open on Thanksgiving 1990

  16. My girl scout troop had dinner at a Chinese restaurant in NYC on Thanksgiving night after the parade. We'd had a more traditional spread at Tavern on the Green the day before. I will never forget the duck soup though, and "My Heart Will Go On" playing on repeat the whole 90 minutes we were there.

  17. I got some good ones from the dispensary

  18. As a Tolkien purist; Rings of Power is pretty good if you can partially disconnect from the lore and logically understand the impossible task of fitting that much history in 5 seasons of television. This will help you accept that some characters had to still be alive/arrive early so the story could be followed easily.

  19. But... they could fit so much more if they didn't make stuff up that doesn't fit.

  20. I ask my cat multiple times a day if she’s just a teeny tiny baby and I’m confident that her response chirp is a strong yes.

  21. Mine defiantly says no. Until he's ready for snuggles. Then it's maybe.

  22. I'm a chat agent. The names are on the accounts. I use the name when I begin the chat. And the name is displayed on the account the whole time. And yet sometimes when I have the customer state their full name for authorization, it's like I'm seeing it for the very first time.

  23. Wait for them to state a fact and tell them it's their opinion.

  24. Oehh I listen to podcasts almost constantly, so I'll give you the ones that fit your wishes best:

  25. Stuff You Should Know is my brain candy. Plenty in the archives and no need to listen in order. Everything is a delight with Josh & Chuck and they seem to be genuinely good guys.

  26. Every year around October I go to Goodwill to get some hoodies and fleeces and long sleeved shirts because I forget I have dozens.

  27. In my town, its common to see, and I like to play a game called "is that his daughter?" Its almost never his daughter.

  28. I had a server at Red Lobster act like my actual father and I were a couple and that was peculiar.

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