1. Without getting too specific the bosses at my job continue to preach about “wellness” and “mental health”

  2. Just so I’m clear, is this still an anti Italian sub and are those slurs acceptable.

  3. Anyone know why they keep playing wild wild west through out the podcast?

  4. The poor police are working overtime today. Can't even post what you're thinking about eating for dinner without getting salary shamed.

  5. I’m having salmon (don’t know how yet) and two vegetables of some sort

  6. That sounds healthy and tasty. Hope you enjoy King!

  7. Clean your Weber? Lol caked on grime is what gives the flavor and character. Just Run a hot fire trough it nothing will survive.

  8. Ask yourself why a group of lizard people would hide and rule quietly when they could simply dominate us openly, as a species?

  9. Why enslave when you can control the mechanism in which the people use to enslave themselves

  10. I have a pair in tobacco and they are ok I don’t think of them as dressy or flashy. I wear mine like 3 days a week and have been for last like 8/9 months. For 200$ can’t really beat it

  11. I did this in my first consulting gig. Would send emails at 1am. Then did an on-site and one of their stakeholders introduced me as the guy who never sleeps in a very sarcastic way. I stopped doing it after that

  12. Unless you have a flat stomach you can’t appendix …I don’t care what you say it ain’t comfortable or appropriate to have your gut enveloping the gun

  13. Admin was a cop but quit over the vax and garandthumb is maybe a fed ..def a government stooge

  14. Once a cop always a cop and GT was in the military so 50/50 chance he’s a fed

  15. Not true about handgun roster. Here in MA we are also subject to an "approved" roster of guns. It's why we can't buy Glocks brand new from an ffl.

  16. Close the AG super secret squirrel list is the reason you cant have Glocks

  17. You need to get on a pattern board and see how the gun is shooting.

  18. People thinking they'll really make them work less hours for the same pay are dangerously naive

  19. Yea I get the appeal but give a company the chance to spend less on labor and they’ll take it

  20. This is a great joke, but fellas... It's not impossible to teach someone better communication skills. If you actually put in sincere effort and patience, you can turn a "mind reading required" relationship into one with open, honest communication.

  21. The same shit I said to you dipshit libs when you cried back in 16 and threatened the same thing

  22. I ask where in the Constitution is the part about dueling? it’s a 10A issue and that’s it

  23. I agree that the 2A protects your right to keep and bear and also your natural right to defend yourself

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