1. Tara apparently has a WHM poster as well.

  2. Spoilers, but this current season of Picard

  3. Really tough lineup. I went with Glass Onion, even though it's in my Top 10 for the year, and I think it's better than Knives Out. I just don't think it's as good as the rest of it's competition.

  4. If your least favorite is in your top ten, does that mean this list of films has a perfect overlap with your 2022 top ten list?

  5. No, because I recognize that just because I like something that doesn't necessarily mean it is good.

  6. Enjoyed this episode less as it went on. The plan and the execution of whatever the plot was was a little sloppy.

  7. Hospitals are rarely teeming with people. They aren't as empty as some of these movies, it's not uncommon to walk down several hallways without seeing anyone.

  8. Yeah. I actually think most of the other actors are even better. I read the first novel before the series and the casting director seems to have done their research when casting all of them.

  9. Yeah, he is one of the weaker ones, just because Holden is so kinda of one dimensional, but I'd say Cas Anvar was the worst. Never really bought into that accent.

  10. Yeah....there's no reason people would have a Texas accent on

  11. Nah, I love the silliness Texas accent (Alex is from a colony that was literally settled by Texans (cowboys) and Indians - lol), Cas just never really sold it for me.

  12. I think T2, Aliens and Titanic are all easy 5 star films. Of the three T2 is my favorite.

  13. Folks! Getting nominated and not winning is not a snub. I will die on this hill.

  14. The only time I've ever had it just be the rep was the first time I did it on any of my toons. Maybe that's it?

  15. The scene between Kylo and Han's ghost / memory / whatever is tremendously performed. Adam Driver is one of, if not the best, actor the franchise has ever had and does a lot of heavy lifting in making the sequel trilogy as watchable as it is.

  16. We luckily never have to hear from the Romulan Incest Twins ever again.

  17. Majorly. Morseo The Menagerie than The Cage, but saying more would be spoilers.

  18. The more current culprit is probably the commercial failure of The Priness & the Frog. Supposedly the Mouse House was ready to get back into 2D animation, and it's underperformance led them to backtrack that decision.

  19. Not true. 2D was already long on its way out by the time The Princess and the Frog came out. They had already released Dinosaur, Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons, and Bolt. Tangled came out only a year after The Princess and the Frog, and obviously these movies take more than a year to make. It was already planned out. The Princess and the Frog would have had to make a billion+ dollars to change that, which is an unreasonable burden.

  20. Those, along with Home on the Range are why we didn't see one again until Princess and the Frog, but Frog's (perceived) failure is why the only one we've seen since then is one that was already in production at that time.

  21. I barely have any mounts, but pretty much doing all Heavenly Cloud serpents right now

  22. They did raise droprate on the Sha! It's still low, but 1% is way better than .1%!

  23. Fucking blazing drake and its going really bad 247 have i cleared that shitty raid.. 3 12-bs and 2 handmaidens

  24. I've got the Blazing Drake, bit not the other two. So irritating because it's such a "hurry up and wait" raid

  25. That would in no way change the statement you are replying to.

  26. Usually something like this is a discriminatory hate-crime but I can’t really see why a Presbyterian Church this size would be the target of that’s the case. Otherwise, it’s usually centered around failing marriages/custody battles.

  27. Their point is - What could the motive be that we would like it? Because saying that "we aren't going to like the motive" means that there would be one.

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