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  1. Would love to see how it turns out. Have a 5 pack of this debating on running these or some gsc

  2. Used to avoid voting based off party, but man. These Republicans really are getting worse huh?

  3. Me too but I’m sick of the lies and traitorous bullshit they been pedaling and let’s not forget if our daughters are raped they are expected to carry the baby gtfoh with that bs

  4. Looks to be a flowerhorn I keep mine without substrate as well they make huge messes makes it a lot easier to clean up

  5. Don’t notice much smell from mine except when I open her up I have ac infinity inline with charcoal

  6. From my research for auto flower genetics, these are what I've been told are some of the best out there:

  7. Thug pug are auto? I was looking at some the other day didn’t state really if it was photo or auto I do wanna try some

  8. Just wondering If you have any suggestions on any good(brands) strong flower they have in Michigan...thanks

  9. I bought a pretty decent one but it needs to be calibrated and I lost the instructions :/ plus I don't have any of those little packets you're supposed to use

  10. Dude is an idiot but the genetics seem to be fire every pic I see of one of their plants look on point

  11. Ya my unicorn burst was fire even tho she was a bit stunted, i dunno much about what he did but so far so good w the genetics lol

  12. I have had good success with them two separate orders and received both in like two days after ordering

  13. I know I live in cridersville. I think lima got approved for one on Harding highway not sure when it will open up though

  14. I've keep checking the news but havent heard anything yet. I believe it will be over by Kewpee

  15. Had some gmo from y’all that was fire. Tried another strain and it was dry as hell

  16. Believe it or not, our GMO is still a top seller for sure! Wish we could control the atmosphere outside our shop, we put waaaay to much work into it to have it then sit in an uncontrolled room. I have seen a couple dispos installing mini mini splits, shows they care about the product which is a plus for sure. I wish you had a better experience with the other strain, I don’t want to bash anyone on here, not my game, send me a message with the dispo name, your name, and I will make sure you get reimbursed.

  17. Thanks for the reply and I understand I’m not looking to get reimbursed bro appreciate the offer though I will send ya the name of the dispensary though

  18. I been wanting to give this one a try soon.. how is it?

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