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  1. When I found out no one at my work knew what the term "latch key kid" meant.

  2. Its a term for kids whos parents are never consistently home so we just have a key to the house or apartment and we come and go as we please. Very common if your only parent is a nurse or some other job with odd hours. That or drug addicts.

  3. Damn dude, I didn’t realize. I had parents addicted to drugs but they never really left home so I never left home and so I never had a house key to a place I lived until I was 23or4

  4. No absolutely not. That's his plant now.

  5. I don’t know if you’ve ever met a cat, but that was always his plant, was always going to be his plant

  6. I have 2 and everything is their's. The let us live here.

  7. Anabolic steroids do incredible things to the human body


  9. What if they’re coming to the community here to confirm… why can’t people ask questions?

  10. Rrrrright so that’s what I’m doing, I’m giving you feedback on some bullshit

  11. I think it’s just a universal Dick move, recognized across multi cultural spectrums of Don’t Do’s and Should Not’s

  12. And unfortunately you have to die to get that big

  13. It’s basically like making $500,000/hr for a year. That would be a billion dollar salary. And now imagine there are people out there with hundreds of billions in wealth (waiting for someone to come in and explain the difference between money and worth /s). Imagine if you even had one year of $500,000 an hour. That’s 2,080 working hours in one year at 40 hours x 52 weeks. $500,000 is enough for a lot of people to live modestly on for 10 years, or lavishly for 1-3. Think about having 2000+ years worth of money to do whatever you want

  14. Dont rub it so tight - get better quality. Or filter it -if Not Made With your Fingers .Looks nice but too much plant parts inside.enjoy, i guess its still amazing to smoke =) light it Up - fresher it don't get ;)

  15. I wiped my finger on my trimming tray is how I got all that hash on my finger haha

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