1. Always that one automated scout moving between the same two tiles somewhere

  2. It’s alright not to like some art. Good even. But if it boils down to “is not real art” then there’s where the problem lies. Calling art shit is valid. Calling it not art is not.

  3. That was my exact idea, Democratic Crusader Freed Slaves

  4. What I’m hearing is that I should invest now into being a cult leader

  5. Disney made a short stack mid. She sucks. I don't care. Disagree with me and you explode

  6. So, you agree that there are people here (not all) that find this sexually thrilling, and those that do are sexually offensive/disturbing?

  7. It is disturbing to want to have sex with animals, period. Being one step away doesn't make it much less disturbing. Deal with it.

  8. Really depends on the rp I’m going for… Which never happens to be super war-like because I just can’t be bothered with dealing with annexed planets. I just make sure I’m doing well in my corner of the galaxy and extending my influence through galactic politics.

  9. I'd like it more like ancient caretaker cosplay - laggy machines, that are very powerful, but random. Their pop traits has ~2.5 effect, but all pops has a monthly chance to do stupid shit like migrate at random colony, become unemployed for a year, disassemble themselves and etc.

  10. You know, until a random bug happens. Then they need to be unplugged and replugged in

  11. Me explaining why everyone in my wip sci fi universe is a furry and why the Humans just suck in every metric

  12. Because the meme is literally just flat out lying. It’s not even the truth twisted into misinformation. This is literally just a lie.

  13. It’s real brave of them to advertise saving this guy in their game after plaguing mobile ads for a good while now making him the most hatable face out there

  14. The idea for this is called "Late-Stage Capitalism" which i really really hope it is, because if we're only at the midpoint of the capitalistic decay of society then shit's gonna get really really bad before it gets better.

  15. Bold of you to assume we will be alive by then. By then our world will be in ruins. The billionaires’ corpses overlooking the planet from their space shuttles in orbit, their last thoughts being “What could we have done differently to make a bigger name for ourselves?”

  16. someone once complained that a a piece of erotica i wrote didnt have any sex (it basically faded to black at the sex part), which in hindsight shouldve been a tip-off that im ace

  17. Well he was right about TikTok and Huawei (and China in general). That said it's debatable whether he knew what the actual problems were and just banned things his advisors said to.

  18. I mean he could say the sky is blue and he’d be right. Doesn’t take an oracle to figure out China and their state-sponsored corporations.

  19. Mario’s daughter dating Luigi? There’s a few problems there alone

  20. You are correct. Having buried oil pipelines under a field would be in direct violation of USDA Good Agricultural Practices.

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