AITA telling my niece she can leave after she went against the rules in my home, which she was staying in rent free?

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  1. It is a member of felus gandalfius, a rare breed known for two traits:

  2. covered in an anime that starts off nice and strong then had their animation budget assaulted with a hatchet

  3. Nah it’s the green guy behind Wasp, and his name is Karnak, just got my answer 😅.

  4. No car here. My only complaint is that our apartment is an 18 minute walk to the PATH, sl it does take awhile to get into the city, but we love our neighbors and our walls are very well insulated so noise hasn’t been an issue.

  5. Maybe in LA is an 18 minute walk “long” but seems pretty par for the course for many of my daily tasks and commutes here.

  6. For context: I live with a French (he was born and raised there), caucasian male in his 40s, that is very particular about these little shrines. He insists he practices an African tribal religion and yet has a whole table set up for the Virgin Mary. Am I living with an offbrand Jessica Krug? I also just got a cat and he’s super annoying about locking her up in my room to keep her away from the shrines (we both agreed on getting the cat) and informed me that it’s against his whatever to elevate the shrines, they MUST be on the floor. WHY?

  7. You don't put Vodou shrines on tables. Make sure that they're in his own space and perhaps buy him a baby gate if he's worried about the cats.

  8. Is this a Vodou shrine? I’m asking for context so I can do my own research. As to your point regarding the baby/pet gate, believe you me I offered. I really did. I was at my wits end, bc my cat is pooping in my room (yes there’s a litter box in there) because she is angry about being locked up all day. So I suggested the baby gate, but in his apparent religious hypocrisy of subjecting animals to being locked up, he’s also against baby gates.

  9. No, but wharever helps you sleep at night, go read the player’s bible again and rack your brain over where you keep going wrong so you can spend another day ignoring the fact that you suck. And no, I’m entitled to be reactive when someone insults something I love so piss off with your childish logic.

  10. You haven’t given me shit. Sex was never mentioned as a problem, reread the post you invalid, sex is not a problem hence why it wasn’t mentioned. Go back to whatever hole from whence you came with Lady Lefty as she is apparently the only one who wants to hols you close.

  11. “Bringing men over” but it’s HER HUSBAND?! How do you need to honestly ask if YTA or not?

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