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  1. Ah, I feel I should add, that I off-handedly suggested the other week that the kitten may have a tapeworm. As despite inhaling countless food each day she remains a teensy little demon, but I have no background other than her voracious appetite and lack of growth. Still, my suggestion apparently offended her roommate, but if y’all can provide any validity that would be sweet.

  2. Here you go. His name is Christopher Dickey, and that little tirade cost the town of Commerce, Colorado $175K.

  3. Commerce City. Just for accuracy sake there is no such place as Commerce, CO. It’s Commerce City, CO.

  4. Two things, it stands out easily, and it’s a part of the most interesting set of rules and guidelines in the United States, the

  5. Oh this is great, thank you, I love the random fun facts that comes from manuals like this

  6. This triumph is going to be nearly impossible unless you find a group to do it. You can't realistically expect 3 random players to just let you collect 75 motes.

  7. I know, you’re right, but I came so damn close, and don’t have that many buds that consistently play D2 while also enjoying gambit.

  8. I work at a veterinary clinic that specializes in cats! Like 30% of our consults are for behavior problems and we have solved this one!

  9. So this is obviously an old thread and I don’t have much hope on a response, but I stumbled here via google so I’ll ask: I looked up the sunbeam sensor egg and it seems like it is just for dog barking? How effective is it at responding to cats coming into an area they’re not supposed to be in? Is it motion activated?

  10. It is a member of felus gandalfius, a rare breed known for two traits:

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