1. Based on the last update it appears they will trickle out the 3rd tier in groups. Who knows the timing.

  2. Some cards have them now so probably not very long.

  3. The equipment for capping with twist-off caps is more expensive, and twist-off caps have a cheap/down-market vibe for consumers since they're used mostly by mass produced domestic beers. So if you're marketing a premium beer there isn't much reason to spend extra for a machine that will make consumers associate your product with cheapness.

  4. I don’t think it’s a big deal and I think it’s kinda dumb of people to get so peeved about it.

  5. Rachel at the least mixes it up, watch the first conversation from Monday night’s episode. She nods her head and says things like “right,” “awesome,” and “amazing,” it’s not that hard to mix it up, and why we get peeved is Gabby’s inability to do so. It is similar to saying “like” repeatedly when there are many synonyms or variations of that word too.

  6. She is too afraid to outright break his heart so she’s coming up with excuses because I think she never got over Clayton so she’s going after Tino hard in spite of his parents being literal bullies, she’s willing to forgive all of his sins because he looks the closest to Clayton and that must be her type. The age thing was bs. I also was ticked how she didn’t seem concerned at all that Gabby just wasn’t gonna show up, she smiled and just moved on. No concern for your best friend? Really? I’ve been team Rachel the whole show, but she is making excuses to turn down this great guy (Zach) gently rather than just admitting to her own shortcomings. It’s breaking my heart. Tino just epitomizes so many of the guys I don’t like, he doesn’t bring much of anything to the table personality wise, but bc he appears a certain way he gets this pass.

  7. 18 “yeahs” from Gabby in the first discussion, how drunk are y’all?

  8. Spend your own money to buy your character virtual clothes? Pass

  9. Everything Nate says just rings so hollow now “men should hold other men accountable” dude is a two-timing cheater

  10. If you check the small print on the order trackers. Most are actually for entertainment and not an honest reflection of what’s happening.

  11. Ah lol that makes sense and has certainly been as entertaining as frustrating, thank you for clearing that up

  12. Fair enough, the charges do have a shelf life so I respect that

  13. Because wireless headphones, specifically pod style headphones, are much easier to lose. They also have better sound quality. Plus, it’s a lot easier to just plug in an listen than sync to a new device.

  14. Makes sense, I just like not getting caught up on wires as often but this also is perfectly understandable, thank you

  15. No I totally agree. Jaques' world is scarier, more fraught with danger than Game of Thrones and more relatable too. I think it's ripe for content if it could be made right.

  16. Couldn’t agree more, Marlfox’s cover alone haunted my dreams for months. And Salamandastrom was so freaking well written. Happy to know I’m not alone here, stoked to hear there is a series in the works, hopefully Netflix does it justice!

  17. I absolutely agree, and have been pining for a series since I read the series as a kid in the late 90's. I had a few fan animations on my Geocities site, but I was never able to track down the existing series here in the US, sadly.

  18. Whooooooo!!! That is great news! Omg I have something to look forward to now, thank you!

  19. Apparently a very small alien was doing CrossFit with a kettlebell above your house

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