1. Look, the horde is faceless. Best approach is to make yourself successful; work hard, make money (to effect change), forge relationships carefully. Most importantly, raise your kids right should you choose to have any. The orders of God are to uphold Dharma. For me, Dharma is family.

  2. I may not be wise, but isn't the jurnalist the one that talks, not the one with the camera?

  3. In films, that guy gets wasted first, and the hero gets the reporter (common 82% L)

  4. Why is authright Walter White?

  5. Great to see India coming up. Soon every house will be a barracks and when Xina makes the mistake of invading….

  6. Also most of these indexes measure liberal democracy instead of just "democracy". I've read the reports for the two countries who's political scenes I'm most familiar with, the US and India, both of which had declined.

  7. In India the Election Commission ventures into lion-infested jungles of Gir to get one old man’s vote. Flawed democracy 🤡

  8. Do people here unironically consider the Unabomber a role model? (I am not a Fed)

  9. Sir, I don’t know what any of those letters mean. I assure you.

  10. Credit Suisse said they won't accept Adani bonds as collaterals for their private clients. They are in significant trouble themselves and it's quite understandable they would want to reduce exposure to risky assets (which Adani bonds now are), that's why the selloff.

  11. It’s like we have our version of Musk/Bezos docsuckers

  12. I am sure the whole world hates Europe. Even God above 🙏🏻😎

  13. Yes and yes.. read it and understand his motivations very well. Those motivations are just second-hand and second-rate drivel. I've also read Mein Kampf. I understand Hitler's motivations too. That doesn't mean I'd condone his actions too. The word "understand" gets too often conflated with "agree".

  14. If you’ve read it, then would you agree that having an unelected “Father of the Nation” guide the nation’s destiny for years to come was good for us as a country? And do you not see that removing him from the political sphere was important? The way Godse reached that end is wrong in my opinion.

  15. Unelected, sure. But, clearly well regarded enough to a significantly considerable level. Read my longer comment in this thread to undo your nonsensical "father of the nation" jab. He didn't call himself that. So, feel free to accuse those who do. It's the same logic (or the lack of) as with being upset with him because someone else calls him Mahatma while he, himself, didn't.

  16. Nobody is condoning his murder (I specifically said that). The role of the man is being questioned. “Your kind,” you clearly are an idiot who doesn’t know how to read.

  17. I will join the war effort in midtown after work (I vastly underestimate their capabilities but work is work).

  18. AI admits Canadians don’t have free speech

  19. Conservatism = white worship? Man, I must be doing it wrong all these years

  20. I don’t understand the problem these DMK idiots have with everything.

  21. Authorities respect muslims worldwide because they are aggressive. Now authorities will respect us too.

  22. Authorities don’t “respect” Muslims. They arrest them. The world fears those desert cultists. Big difference.

  23. Just don’t read these types of rage-inducing articles. I rarely meet a person irl with such levels of stupidity. These writers deliberately bait controversy.

  24. The Left will protest any laws they don’t like and will get them repealed, while the Right discusses this on the internet and this type of nonsense will be codified as law.

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