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  1. Out of the loop: is there a serious threat of the Broncos leaving or is this just idle talk?

  2. I’m sure it’s idle talk. The Broncos have one of the best attendance in the NFL

  3. Personally I REALLY didn’t like the open world sections in 5. I didn’t even finish the game because of it. I thought that was a huge mistake. It was too much of a left turn for me after the first 4.

  4. You’re the exact opposite of me. I was too bored of 4 and kind of forced myself to finish it. I was just over the whole linear gameplay. When 5 released with the open world sections is when I started liking Gears again

  5. Ooof. I'm not sure. But way too long. Maybe a month+? That was me neglecting them.

  6. I'd need to hear examples of "'modern' social customs" to pick any I've accepted but one to which I'll never surrender is working out private issues publicly, e.g. over-sharing on something like instagram. I don't have/use instagram and I'm not sure I've ever even seen it because it seems like a stupid time suck but I am aware some desperate, attention-starved people like to use it to air what, in more polite times, would be considered personal matters like marital woes or emotional struggles.

  7. I’m not sure about arts or literature but the US definitely dominates when it comes to music

  8. Raps at -500 moneyline isn't really worth it

  9. Parlays are even bigger scams than one-off betting already is lol

  10. How? You have a chance of winning more money. Obv you don’t bet on something you really think isn’t going to hit. Also, gambling is a risk. You win some you lose some

  11. I’m surprised Snap-On is so high especially since everyone on Reddit claims to be so poor

  12. Earlier and because houses were cheaper. I bought a 3bd 2bath house for $385k while my older sister bought a 5bd 3 bath house for $185 and we live 30 min from each other

  13. Weight to a woman is penis size to a man.

  14. Who knows since being thick is viewed as sexy, at least it has been in the last decade

  15. They said the exact same thing about MCC and then Halo 5, now people got over their hate boners and enjoyed what the games became.

  16. So now there’s 3 Halo games that experienced the same problems plus Sea of Thieves like how OP said. And then people ask why Microsoft first party games don’t get the same praise as Nintendo and Sony games smh

  17. No but what they’re arguing is that it’s ok that they’re fixing the game rather than my point which is releasing it good in the first place like Sony and Nintendo games have

  18. What’s wrong with Viewhouse? That place is so fun. I had a friend from Mexico and I took him there a couple times and he had a blast every time. Its especially fun Saturday nights and Sunday nights. Saturday nights becomes a crazy but fun bar. Sunday nights it’s more chill with volleyball and that sack throw game thing.

  19. I’m not watching the game but I’m just keeping up with it on my phone. Is it really as boring as it looks?

  20. Yikesssss… and this is why sportsbetting should be a side hustle and nothing more for 99% of people. Betting rent on a same game parlay is a recipe for disaster and reading your responses in this post OP, you definitely need to look into some help for multiple addictions. But I wish you all the best however you decide to live your life.

  21. Yup! When budgeting, I use my “entertainment” money towards sportsbetting

  22. Netflix has gone from $7.99/month to a top tier of $19.99/month.

  23. "I just moved into the hood, what's with all the crack needles?"

  24. That's because you don't have auto updates on or you are fully shutting down the console when you aren't using it, or you just play everyday and the updates are releasing after the console has already checked for updates that day.

  25. I have auto update on and have it on that quick boot up setting (forgot what it’s called) and play about once or twice a week. Games update whenever I try to play one and it tells me that I have an update

  26. YouTube. I’m not a handyman in any way, shape or form and was surprised how easy it was to install one

  27. Still haven't seen anybody who actually owns a Series X, are they real?

  28. I own one. My sister and her husband own two. My nephew owns one.

  29. Idc since I don’t buy games Day one anymore since I have such a huge backlog. Last time I bought a game day one was with MGSV back in 2015 I believe. When it comes to first party games I just play them through gamepass

  30. Is football big in China or India? Are they ever any good? Just wondering because they have 1.5 billion people

  31. Don’t really care about his personality. I mean I like Michael Jacksons music and he was a child molester. It would be hypocritical of me to listen to MJ and not Kanye because of his personality

  32. A song he basically stole. It speaks volumes about the musical illiteracy of the American people that this song was so popular.

  33. Stole? Its called a sample. Not only that but sampling is a foundation of hip hop. Matter of fact, many hip hop songs sample more than one song

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