1. Are those modular pistols where the serial number is on the FCU? If so those aren't "ghost guns" and they're illegally seizing them.

  2. I don't know much about P80s, but aren't they like an aftermarket grip for the Glock 17?

  3. Glock grips are "the gun" so P80s are 80% lowers you make into a glock clone. You cant buy a finished glock lower without going through an FFL.

  4. SBRs and SBSs make no sense to be NFA items youre making them LESS deadly by chopping them down. If the argument is concealability its even more retarded cause a petty/trench coat is like $35. From a logical perspective it makes no sense.

  5. If the question is about possibility the answer is always yes. If the question is about your ability I cant answer that.

  6. For what? If any business had balls theyd keep doing it past the date.

  7. i don't see a expiration date on it... they are just standing up for the 2nd and a stupid decision that is unconstitutional.

  8. Stop choosing to live in slave states. Your ancestors risked everything to move and when they found a place fought for it. People today are whiny bitches. Do something or shut up.

  9. I bought it once they send the PDF file to my email I told them I used the wrong card and Id reorder with the right one. Never reordered. I printed the PDF and framed it.

  10. I think a lot of guns LOOK better than an AK but you cant tell me any gun when chopped down looks better than a krink, maybe the MP5k but thats not a huge difference from the standard.

  11. I dunno, short carry handle ARs are sexy as heck.

  12. Carry handle ARs typically have a ribbed dildo as a handguard so they can all be melted into scrap

  13. If you own a gun with the ripped dildo handguard you have poor taste and bad friends.

  14. The average person is not smart. Standards have fallen so low its sad.

  15. Think about the worldwide average intelligence, now remember that half of them are stupider than that

  16. Americans are 8 points behind the world average in IQ. We're collectively retarded.

  17. I may have a problem it took me way too long to see the bright pink vibrator. I was naming every gun in my head.

  18. Non american here which makes discussing gunlaws a bit tricky because I'm not always 100% up to date with your situation, and all discussions always revert back to US gunlaws since you guys are obviously the majority.

  19. Assault weapon is a made up scare tactic that literally dates back to hitler and the STG44 aka the assault rifle 44. In English unlike German however this item cannot exist as verbs (assault) cannot be used as descriptors for nouns (rifle). Anyone who uses the term either has fallen prey to the propaganda or is intentionally lying.

  20. On a technical level he is correct an AR-15 is a specific rifle and just so happens that many companies make versions of it. Like the AK type 1,2,3 AKM, AK74, etc. However the time to be anal about that isnt to new people. There is a time for that level of autistic knowledge but AcTuAlLy-ing a brand new person or in an argument just makes you sound like an ass or like youre trying to abuse a technicality to make a point.

  21. Personal favorite is when you insert 3 plates into one plate carrier

  22. Im not going into that shit unrealism for the sake of balance is fine but when realism wouldnt hurt the game in any way it should be there. Ie gun models and text.

  23. The standard issue mag across the whole austrian army is 30 rounds. Even the fucking manual says so. The 42 round mag would have been used with the lmg variant which had a bipod so the longer mag wouldnt have been a problem when going prone.

  24. And? It doesn't matter what is issued it was designed with a 42.

  25. I wish he would release the ak 50 files. Non firing because of obvious reasons.

  26. Why non firing? If people build a 3d 50 cal and try to fire it thats their fault

  27. No he wouldnt thats not how the law works. You can publish plans for anything people doing dumb shit doesnt make you liable. You can buy books on how to make napalm on Amazon.

  28. Hard armor rarely breaks ribs, maybe bruises, unless it breaks that is. Soft armor will when hit with the high end of its capability or if not secured properly. Thats part of the goal with armor broken ribs are basically internal spears and very hard to fix if you can. Caving in 1 rib can puncture a lung so thats the number 2 protection goal.

  29. Bad idea. They will find a reason to reject you. I tried registering as my LLC which has a good name and they kept denying me for 'other' issues. I changed nothing but the name and Im in the final stages.

  30. These things suck. GSG sells them too. If youre ok with jams basically every round go nuts. Id go for a pistol clone in 9mm and form 1 it into an SBR or get a brace.

  31. Most dumb thing is that its not even legal in the states that force you to cuck your guns as SBRs are banned.

  32. Side loading guns are awesome and supremely practical. We need one with magwells on both sides to accommodate lefties and have it eject down

  33. Sounds like that future MP5 from Infinite Warfare. It had 2 barrels that alternated. Sadly that would be the only way unless you made some overly complicated feeding system to alternate blocking one mag from feeding. Which would mostly likely just cause jams or make the gun super heavy.

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