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  1. "I'm going to be turning up the brightness til I see both images clearly."

  2. Yeah fair point, as I mentioned in another comment. I'm viewing it on a HDR screen so its balanced for me..but the majority will be viewing on their phone. Appreciate the feedback!

  3. It's the first thought that came to mind, but probably because I do it with every game I play, so even if you fix it I would still brighten it, cause I like to see everything and I don't like to be surprised.

  4. Horse isn't thinking much either, but I still love em all the same. He a good boi

  5. Yup, it's a super cute story with a detective ML he's hot and smart.

  6. Oh no. This is way too sus. I would still be checking his phone secretly.

  7. If they have a policy of open phones, then no. The theory doesn't hold up because there's no reason for him to tempt fate with that conversation profile picture. If he's cheating, he's gonna name the conversation with something totally innocuous.

  8. More then a few cheating stories I read have the 'open phone' policy.

  9. you can feed eggabell?? am i just dumb for not knowing this

  10. Yea, I was surprised to see the feed button when I was trying to talk to her.

  11. Theirs one about MC becoming a bakery shop owner... Can't remember the name. D:

  12. I saw that when I read it! I sware I saw someone with the hair piece it was copied from in the chapter story somewhere! 🤣

  13. To see if your the 'pushover' type. Always says yes when others call in. Sacrifices weekends, comes in when your sick, too much overtime, then makes you feel guilty for it, so you work on your lunch or break so you don't get OT.

  14. Pictures like these are usually pretty obvious, but the way this one is so subtle, it made me stare at it for a lot longer. I think I like this type better. It's more mysterious in a way.

  15. A threat is a threat. You using it to get the outcome you want, anyone should take any threat seriously, and totally manipulative of him to say he only said it to get what he wanted, and he wasn't really being serious about it breaking up.

  16. The way I read it, and how he says he thinks that anyone can change their mind...

  17. Bro is universal in my book. He can call me whatever he wants...

  18. Well done OP. Is your account number higher than the current high score of 2037000?

  19. Yes it does, the DRSBOT takes that info and uses it to update its estimates on how many shares we have DRSed.

  20. My first reaction. Oh, the woman is heavy, but the horse could probably handle it-- OMFG! There's a second person!!!! Hell no!

  21. I agree with everything everyone is pretty much saying here.

  22. Yes!! It was even easier then I thought. I only sweated when I was waiting in queue.

  23. Something with a female lead, so it's easier to connect to would help. And keep away from harem.

  24. Ummm... The brother lives with them? Why couldn't HE watch the kid for a hour or two?

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