Taking gun away from an active shooter alone

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  1. This is a microcosm of deforestation. Put it back plz.

  2. WHERE DID THIS GO?? I haven’t had one since middle school.

  3. We don’t “need” it. In fact, you shouldn’t feel like you need it. But life is better with deep connections with people.

  4. They signed a ton of free agents and the Bengals the past 2 years have had a much better defense than the Chiefs

  5. An oven could be useful so you can preheat it before getting home other than that I’m out of ideas

  6. Let’s see his name all over the place instead of the jackass shooter.

  7. The media is interested in clicks and views because that’s how they make money. They report whatever gets the most attention. They are not interested in doing the right thing or telling the truth. The same applies to politics.

  8. Centrists are disliked by leftists and conservatives because they’re harder to control and rationalize. People are dumb and favor simplicity. So if you can’t easily categorize someone as “left” or “right” you tend to dislike them. This is a good sign. It signals that you have broken out of the corrupt mold and achieved enlightenment.

  9. If you're cool with you're partner chatting with other people on dating apps, that's cool. You don't get to decide that everyone needs to be cool with it. I have no interest in being with someone who needs to seek out companionship from someone else behind my back.

  10. I’m not cool with my partner murdering someone. That doesn’t mean murder is cheating. Different couples have different definitions of cheating. My ex grinded on a guy when she was at a concert and I was furious with her, but didn’t consider that cheating.

  11. Why is it easier for the body to figure out how to kill it than it is for us to figure out how to kill it?

  12. Because your immune system has spent millions of years figuring out how to

  13. While it's not directly related to the question, aren't gas giants "failed stars"? Like Jupiter just couldn't get hot enough or produce enough fusion or something to become a full fledged star so it ended up being a gas giant?

  14. Jupiter isn’t a failed star (AKA brown dwarf) because it’s not massive enough to be classified as that.

  15. Just to add, remember that instagram had this vanish mode when you can send thinga and they might be deleted when you get out of the chat, so he maybe sent the dick pick to her on ig.

  16. I highly doubt that considering it seems like he’s mostly avoiding talking sexually to her. If he really wanted to he would go full throttle, but he’s not.

  17. I dont know if i ever can forgive her. But shes never done anything like this before. And i checked all her phones and outgoing calls on our shared bills and everything i could think of. So it really was just a drunk mistake.

  18. Doesn’t matter. If she killed someone for the first time would you use that logic? She showed you who she is. It took 6 years for her to show that. Take some time to heal with a therapist and get rid of her no matter how much she begs you to stay. The odds she will cheat again are very high.

  19. Cheating is never a “mistake.” Mistakes are accidental. What that whore did was intentional. In that moment when she was hooking up with the other guy she did not give a damn about you. Have some dignity and tell her to go fuck herself and find someone worthy of your respect. Because she isn’t. Cheaters always cheat. It’s a bad personality trait not a “single little mistake.” Please don’t be blinded by love or a sunk cost fallacy. Good luck.

  20. It’s the state. I used to work as a probation officer in California before moving and changing professions. However, I remember a kid that was locked up, he was legit coo coo for coco puffs if you catch my drift. Kid was locked up for ice picking a man 50 plus times. He just knocked on the door and went to town. He then stole about 50 bucks worth of stuff from the home. He was locked up and was going to court for about a year to figure out if he was really crazy or faking. Well when it was decided he really was crazy, due to all the lock up mental facilities being shut down in that area he was released back to the public on probation . He was locked up about a year.

  21. Seems like California and all of its politicians are basically the biggest pieces of shit possible for continuing to allow stuff like this to happen

  22. 100%. All the juvenile court judges in the county I worked for were the biggest bleeding hearts. It be like a kid that has been locked up a dozen times for assaults and robberies, and is also a multi generational gang banger, and the judge would be like I’m gonna give billy a second chance (which was really their 20th chance) and they’d get out and then come right back again. I wish judges had more repercussions placed on them, or you’d get kids that were straight demon spawn, and they’d get released to come back 5 months later for murder. We had a kid just like this was total sociopath in and out all the time, robbed a liquor store and shot the guy with a shot gun. When I asked him why he shot the guy, he laughed and said because he looked at me funny. I would over hear him talking to other kids laughing about how the guy was whining as he laid there dying after her shot him. The kid also had fellow gang mates find the phone number of the family liquor store he killed the guy at. He would call it on the pay phones and harass the poor guys family. If he had stayed locked up for his previous robberies that man would still be alive.

  23. The Middle East Oil Epic is a result of George Bush Sr's dealings in Iraq in the 1980s, and really pointed back to personal issues with Saddam. 9/11 was a convenient excuse for George W to follow up on his legacy position to invade the Middle East, and raid whatever gold and oil that could be ripped away from the confusion.

  24. 9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq…like literally nothing. Also George senior did the right thing. He protected an ally with a quick decisive war with minimal casualties.

  25. I don't want to be 'that dude' but Putin's Russia is far closer to corporatist Fascism than Marxism, Putin's Russia is a right-wing country by all definition.

  26. Guys in general don’t get many compliments. I am ugly and I have gotten a few compliments over the years. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It’s normal.

  27. Buddy, you shouldn’t feel worthless. You should feel thankful that you don’t have to whore yourself out for money and attention. Plus you’re a guy. Ugly girls get more money and attention then attractive guys.

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