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  1. He and Clapton should do an album with Morrissey.

  2. My god, that would be a black hole of assholery.

  3. Not sure Clapton would appreciate you calling him a black anything.

  4. Ain't that the truth. Vile old bastards, the lot of them.

  5. And how'd that turn out? Dude sucks, and had always sucked.

  6. You’ve obviously never driven the freeways in Houston.

  7. Nah, I don’t want his dumbass brother out here all the time.

  8. I’m 45 and just getting started. You’ll be fine.

  9. Oh yeah, well then how come my dog isn’t speaking yet?

  10. Adds a whole new meaning to whitewashing…

  11. Not nearly enough. I want those seat covers for my trooper.

  12. Have you tried not acting like a drunken toddler?

  13. It’s like 15 miles from my house. I’m planning on hiking the road soon and camp out there.

  14. I was just thinking about doing the same. I love that area.

  15. Years of playing Skyrim have taught me you should save game before entering that.

  16. Open the door, and I’m in black reach again.

  17. They ain’t gonna send him where he wants to go. They knew Kyrie wanted to go LA, that’s why they sent him to Dallas.

  18. I rarely go to AMC anymore anyway. I prefer dine in theaters. I can have a pint and a pizza brought to my seat. And I’m not spending that much more on that than I am on a large drink and other snacks. Better recliners too.

  19. Bwahahahahahaha! God I love this junior high school drama. Just put it in my veins…

  20. Well, that's no ordinary rabbit. That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on.

  21. I have two questions. What is your ideal mix for a good burger? And what’s your favorite dinosaur?

  22. I wish it was. That would unfuck my life right now.

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