1. Not to alarm you but that is a Werewolf and you should be concerned

  2. Its kind of their world not ours ...if you think about it

  3. Callled cleaning. Pretty clear it ain’t in any danger lmao

  4. Yeah just a lot of sensitive people you can’t post or comment without retaliation

  5. My guy just explained the internet in a single sentence lmao.

  6. Ngl for a while I also didn’t know what it was. It looked weird and too small of a shape to be micks mask, and then put 1 and 2 together and realised it was the hockey mask with the light only showing the forehead of it

  7. OMG, she was literally just virtually raped. That man should be put in prison! She is going to have to go to therapy for PTSD now. Should probably get tested for an STD too.

  8. Lmao no he shouldn’t. I ain’t going to prison for all the people I’ve shot in the same game.

  9. Tf are these comments. My guy really taking Reddit seriously 🤣

  10. bit strange to go off of solely how many songs on albums there are that you dislike, and not factors like production, likes and dislikes of each song and the best songs in them

  11. It was an opinion, not a fact. He’s going off his own preference rather than stats

  12. I also customise masks, but more in a slipknot style using cheap latex masks and duck tape for straps, and metal pins that appear like rivets to hold them on.

  13. First day of 6th Form in approximately 9 hours (Year 12 and 13).

  14. Why we making lions and shit go endangered? Why tf not this monstrosity of a thing.

  15. Debut mask. The first one he had with the black and white randomly scattered across the head.

  16. No. They haven’t since the end of the Iowa cycle and they never will again. New slipknot aren’t nearly as good as the old, even down to the masks. They had their glory days early and the reason original fans fell in love with them is fading.

  17. Chris. I would usually say Corey, but he’s slacking with most of his masks since AHIG.

  18. 69th comment. Also if we want to go off stats, and which went platinum quickest or sold the most, it goes to Self Titled. Iowa isn’t as good, but it is still their second best album. Personally I would switch their positions and say Iowa is best, but the majority vote says that Iowa is their second best behind the OG Self Titled.

  19. Volume 3 is actually so GOOD. So diverse and so heavy in so many ways. I class songs like vermillion 1 and 2 their heaviest songs cause of the emotional weight behind them. Can't do better than Songs like those two.

  20. I didn’t know hatred wasn’t an emotion. Also diverse doesn’t always mean good. It’s like specifically liking an artist purely for the sake of that they’ve sang both pop and metal. Doesn’t mean either are any good.

  21. You can see that it's coming from behind her not inside her

  22. Sure sure. Enjoy the downvotes. Not gonna waste my time on ya. 😊

  23. I’ll enjoy the almost 700 upvotes on my original comment too ☺️. Have a guddun’

  24. I saw something online about a woman using a live lobster as one, putting a lighter to its head to make it flick its tail, that was inside of her. The shop she bought it from fed the lobsters live shrimp, which when the lobster died because of the lighter, it released live shrimp into her vagina. She discovered this when she went to pee afterwards and they began crawling out. Out of shock, she fell forwards and hit her head, killing her.

  25. honestly, it's not my favorite. its still a great album but I just don't like it quite as much as the others

  26. Fair tbh. Self Titled is my favourite album, followed by Iowa, but I despise 90% of the songs from WANK, as well as the new stuff.

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