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  1. The Tommyknockers was my first. And almost 30 years later, it remains one of my favorites. I reread it every couple of years. Gard is a great antihero.

  2. I'm curious, too. Because my five-year-old can reach the counter. And if something is pushed back and out of his reach, he's resourceful enough to get a stool or chair to climb.

  3. They can't use the OTC flea stuff until they're around 12 weeks old. I've always just used Dawn dish liquid until they get old enough.

  4. I think you should stay closed until you've both done the work required to open ethically. Which means you both are allowed to date whomever, regardless of what gender the person identifies as or what genitals they have underneath their clothing.

  5. Oh look, another woman who blames everyone but her husband when her husband cheats.

  6. I quite enjoyed it. I read it around six years ago and I'm actually in the middle of reading it again.

  7. I love how he talks about plants and then tells us to read a physics book instead of biology.

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was a little baffled by that.

  9. There's a TV show called Zack Morris is Trash. Some guy basically breaks down each episode of Saved By the Bell and points out every single heinous thing Zack does to his friends and classmates.

  10. Comprehension of communication is different for everybody. I focused on a different part of the post.

  11. Yes, I think you're blowing this way out of proportion. I see no hate speech or even an insinuation of such in the post. OP was talking about themselves and their situation and then asked for the opinions of others.

  12. Everybody is calling him out for his previous posts and now he's over than trying to claim that this post isn't even about him and his own ex. He's trying to convince everyone that he made it about his friend's relationship so that he can show his friend how crazy his friend's ex is.

  13. We need to know if you live with him or not. And, if you do, are you on the lease and/are there bills in your name at that address?

  14. I did. Because I had no idea that Talisman existed or that Black House was a sequel.

  15. For me, it really depends on the ex and why the relationship didn't work out. I have exes that I am still friends with and the reasons we aren't together are just because our lives were going in different directions, or we just weren't right for each other at the time. And then I have exes who are horrible, abusive people. So, I might try again with the former, but the latter can fall off the face of the planet.

  16. I initially read the title as baby and was I'm really glad it's birthday and not baby. But this guy is still a great, big jerkwad.

  17. Yes, I feel very bad for that poor woman. Two children under two and she's bound to a selfish prick.

  18. The man is 36. He is ten years older than you. He gets it, he just doesn't give a shit. When you talk to him about this, he's telling you what you want to hear to keep you around so that he can keep breaking your boundaries. What he wants is more important than what you need. He's making that very clear. You need to observe and act accordingly.

  19. It hasn't bothered me so far. I dated a guy a long time ago who had his ex's name in a huge heart on his bicep. He would talk all the time about getting it covered or removed. The only thing I had to say about it was, "If it makes you happy, Hun."

  20. Currently pregnant: OB told me to take baths to help with my chronic pain. The only OB concern is that too hot of water can raise your core temperature so you just have to keep the water at 100° F or less.

  21. My OB told me the same, though in my case it was in regard to soaking in a hot tub.

  22. European here: is it because you grew up or because they changed the recipe?... Or did covid mess up your senses?

  23. Frankly, I think it's a bit of both -- the growing up and the recipe tweaking.

  24. OMG, that's his chest hair? For real? I was thinking it was some weird tattoo or scaring from trying to laser it off.

  25. Sorry to break it to you, bud, but you aren't that special. Interpol isn't going to give a f*** about you living on your own and refusing contact with your mother.

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