Is not brushing your teeth common?

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  1. Superstore was great. The girl from Betty or something is in it, didn't like her in that as I've seen the original russian version and that was way better than American

  2. Comedy is so subjective. If something just doesn’t strike you as terribly funny, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. I never understood what people liked about HIMYM but I won’t condemn someone who does like it. You enjoy what you find funny, and shouldn’t care what other people find funny. Tastes change with circumstances. Maybe one day something in those shows will stoke your funny bone.

  3. I enjoyed watching HIMYM.. but then I saw few clips after the ending and just couldn't understand what did I enjoy about it

  4. Idk if this is a unpopular opinion or not but I despise Ramona. I’m glad she wasn’t a reg. I liked Emily but I definitely didn’t think her and Raj were for each other cos he wasn’t comfortable with her “darkness”. Then again, they could have evolved like Bernadette and Howard. I can’t remember her name atm but the girl he broke up with Emily for would have been cool to see more of and also the comic book girl Leonard kind of cheated with.

  5. Wasn't all parenting books like these in the 90's? .. now we have a generation of traumatized adults because of the style of parenting

  6. But he grew up sharing room with his sister.. his mom was there too and Meemaw

  7. There's two people in it. Might be Howards grandmother. Also people can dye hair too

  8. Downloaded different free app for these noises and it's so awkward that after long time i can "think" without brain fog. Hopefully it's not just some placebo effect Currently listening to brown noise

  9. I downloaded this app too, to see which I prefer. Mine is called sleep sounds and it has lots of free nature and urban sounds. But not the pink sound. Curious to see which works best

  10. If only the side mirrors did that. The dimming of the rear view is great but the lights don't bother me there as much as that same vehicles headlights in my side mirrors.

  11. I wish same for front window... As I get blinded a lot from people with illegal lights

  12. I too go blind from the lights. Also, people must believe that my low beams are too bright since they'll always leave the brights on for me :)

  13. Hate it. I do sometimes forget to switch them off.. especially when I don't drive often in dark

  14. And this, yall, is why we need to educate men on basic women stuff. Or teach basic courtesy, cause thats so rude! Your daughter is freaking out, your girlfriend doing everything she can to help, AND YOU REFUSE TO DO THE ONE THING ASKED OF YOU???

  15. I wouldn't want tampon when I had my first period.. it took me few years to attempt to use one. And it wa very big learning curve.. i was much older. At age 10 there's better options.. even a sock would work better. As first period usually doesn't last long

  16. And ob has no applicator. Was he or the girlfriend going to insert it? He is a colossal AH!!!

  17. Look I agree with your point but you're not helping your case when there are spelling mistakes in the title

  18. Because of the chemistry they had.

  19. She used sex to control him 😂 she moved in without discussing it 😂 she wasn't cool

  20. let me stop you there...she and Leonard had good chemistry but if you think about this in terms of real world relationships, sneak moving in on people, redecorating their bedroom, there is some boundary issues that would have eventually really blown up.

  21. They've all ran out of blinker fluid, and with the recession they can't afford to refill it.

  22. The space toilet was in earlier seasons or was it the "shelf" lol

  23. NTA but also not the smartest

  24. Omg totally, how does one describe it, it's like a kind of fog of war, it's kinda like a white noise but also not, and it's contradictory, but also not... What is going on?

  25. Yes yes yes.. I'm still learning the ins and outs. I still have no diagnosis. Life was easier when I was oblivious of my struggles lol 🤣 but wouldn't change it for a world

  26. Idk, knowing me, you were probably just oblivious to how hard it was. :P

  27. Can't change the past.. at least the next generation deserve earlier diagnosis and correct help to achieve the best selves imo

  28. Why did I think it was the owls making sure they deliver their letters ..

  29. No one has yet commented on how well the role of Sheldon’s mother was cast. I was all like, “Dang! She certainly has many of the same mannerisms as Sheldon’s ‘older’ mom…” Turns out the actress who plays Mary Cooper in YS (Zoe Perry) is IRL, the daughter of the actress that plays Mary Cooper (Lauri Metcalf) in TBBT. I read that although she certainly was considered for the role, she DID have to audition, but ultimately got the part.

  30. I love watching Mem maw. ( Sorry, can't remember correct spelling) think she was the best character and her scenes with Sheldon and his mum are amazing and funny

  31. No, all good. Loved reading everyone's responses. I posted that whole half asleep 🤣 Didn't expect such activity 😁 Maybe he was researching something else he didn't want to ask his father. He didn't really have friends at Hogwarts.. only followers imo.

  32. I actually brush my teeth with kids toothpaste because I can't stand the normal mint ones, I don't swallow it tho, but when I was a kid I used to hide to eat it, yes, it taste very nice

  33. I use kids too. 6-8 is currently my favourite. Aquafresh. Still can't manage to remember to do it daily

  34. As a young teen i remember having two different demons inside my head. I had to reach my 30's to realise it's possible it's just AUDHD.. having a name for inner demons should help me overcome my shortcomings and become successful in life, i think. Right now I feel lost and broken. wish I knew..

  35. I struggle to brush and when I brush i struggle with the sensation and flavour or just foaming. I've resorted to using kids toothpaste 6+ years seems to have least awful taste for me. I don't manage to brush daily anyway. If I miss that perfect timing, I feel wrong on doing it during day time. Only gets worse with time After my second pregnancy my teeth are in bad shape but still can't make myself to brush them

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