1. I'm getting the exact same thing... random restarts and the touches with the notification. It's really frustrating. If anyone gets a concrete fix for this, please let me know!

  2. ESH, although it isn't fair that he doesnt let you borrow his car, just respect it and get him to move it, or move it yourself out of the way and take your own car.

  3. Thank you for your judgment! I tend to agree with it at the end of the day. I shouldn't have taken it. While I think he's being unreasonable by gatekeeping it, that doesn't give me the right to take it anyway.

  4. Oh yeah thats just sad it is so unpractical i guess this was just european judgement speaking. Actually I just reread your story and noticed you said it was 3 am so yeah ...

  5. It's pretty much the same here, especially since covid. This was a gas station convenience store and theh only b3came 24 hours recently. But I am lucky for that haha

  6. I liked it a lot overall but I gotta be honest I feel like Alan got really sidelined this season. His arc was completed but it just felt like too little too late. It feels like we went half the season without him and compared to the first he and Nadias story just didn't feel like it connected

  7. I think that is a really valid criticism. I also would have loved to have learned more of his past. I don't know if I wanted less Nadja-- but it would be have been fun to have more of the show to watch. Maybe some of him with his mother, or his mother with her mother. In this season, he truly was a secondary character to Nadja-- much more than the first time. It is a shame because his character and the story they created for him here were interesting. He is used as a counterpoint to Nadja, but he wouldn't stand alone. The actor who plays Alan is really great-- he helps to make the incredible seem possible.

  8. I know he's so well written and I loved where it was going with his neurotic thinking and hus budding exploration in "dating" man. And the sctor is does a fantastic job. Holding out hope there's a season 3 with him taking more of a front seat!

  9. I totally agree with your thoughts save for Dina not seeing it. I think she did but she was hoping that Ellie self preservation and the preservation of their family would trump that. And in a huge way, I get that.

  10. I wish people realized this after the rami suit debacle. If they could put the suit in they would. There's probably a licensing hurddle or something to that effect. No amount of asking for it is going to make it happen.

  11. With respect, those people are morons.

  12. I do agree they're a little grating but I honestly just loved doing something OTHER thab swinging and vesting guys up. As gold as that stuff is, MJ offeres a break.

  13. Don't listen to the other commenter. You're right and clearly WERE talking about the people being rude. No matter how many suits they add there's always going to be one that people ask for and it kinda sucks.

  14. Welll yeah peters right she can’t be doing that she gonna die

  15. Just because he's worried about her and thinks it's a horrible idea, doesn't mean he has the right to tell her he forbids her from doing it. which I don't think he ever outright did it in the game but the implication was he did it in the past and it's the main reason they broke up in the first place.

  16. This is the most bullshit I ever heard in no way no how is Peter wrong in any way. She’s literally sneaking into secret military bases when withought plot she would die immediately. Multiple armed guards that could and would shoot bullets through her withought Peter. At what point when Peter tells her not to go to get herself killed a bad thing? Or make him controlling tf?

  17. Usually if I hold square and knock a guy into the air, if I just keep hitting square (not holding it) I will automatically leap into the air to keep the combo going. No other input required. Are you saying you can't do that? I would try not moving the camera at all in the time from holding square, to hitting squarr again and in theory you should automatically continue the combo.

  18. I love the beat and flow in No Grass Today (like love it) but the lyrics? Like a whole song about not wanting to smoke weed? And it's mid tier? Crazy how different people interpret different things

  19. I think the music Is great BUT I miss how influential the music was in other games. I miss the fact that not only were you able to play songs but they affected the world around you. And I just think a lot of the music they did have kinda became repetitive.

  20. I'm pretty sad they are completely dropping let's plays. But I also said if they were going to keep shit talking their own content they should stop making content they don't like... I guess I just wished they liked it like we did :/

  21. I'm not forgetting Miles beating the shit out of her, it's just that during that final fight he's still trying to convince her to stop and he's STILL trying to apologize for lying about joining the Underground! He does EXACTLY what he was doing the entire time of never holding her accountable until the very last second where he calls out her a grand total of ONE TIME for not even bothering to listen, right at the last possible minute when the game is nearly over and any narrative weight this might hold is absolutely zilch. And then IMMEDIATELY after that she finally, FINALLY sees what she did was wrong and utters a half assed apology that doesn't even come close to making up for her crimes and all the shit she did which Miles accepts. Even if he didn't, the game will

  22. A.) She wouldn't even talk to him after they escape the Roxxon facility. How would he have called her out before the fight? Isn't losing, getting beaten, and then (for all intents and purposes but I have my doubts) DYING enough of a punishment for her crimes?

  23. You're being overly aggressive and clearly we just fully interpreted the game differently. This is not productive. Have a good day, happy Halloween if you celebrate!

  24. I like to think they serve as a nice pause in between all the heavy stuff, but I totally get, and respect, your opinion.

  25. I second this. I think the first game just didn't handle it as well as it could. I really think having better AI, and allowing MJ/Miles do stealth takedowns with a weapon (stun gun) from the get go would have made those sections so much better.

  26. Speed cap is almost doubled, you can reel in your web line, MM trick system depth is present here. Wall crawling has been revamped.

  27. That title tho does peter and mj ... I thought you were gonna say some madness things

  28. Lmao I thought of that! I'm just pissed because I fucked up the Grammer and can't fix it now. It should be "DO MJ and Peter..."

  29. in the game they know he’s alive and not in europe, i get people hate the MJ missions but they still deal with story lol

  30. Yeah I know this but I'm wondering where they think he is if he's not at home.

  31. In my opinion, the way it was set was the only way they could've done it. The point was to make you feel all of what Ellie was feeling chasing after Abby, and then show you the other side of the coin. It would've lost a lot of impact if they broke down Abby's motivations in the middle of Ellie's pursuit. Instead of dealing with one interruption, we would've had to deal with 5, and that would've ruined the storytelling even more.

  32. I agree with you! But I also think that doing it the way they did ALSO makes the switch something you have to chew through. It can be the only way to make it work for what they went for, and also be something that hurts the overall experience.

  33. The only thing I can think as far as story is pacing. The switch to the other character does completely halt the plot and after the switch, game play and story wise it's very jarring and I can see how it would turn someone (even devout fans) away. But I think it picks up very well soon after. I would recommend pulling the trigger if you can, you won't know for sure until you play it!

  34. I need elaboration!!! Did you just find this randomly? Did she leave a calling card that says it's her?

  35. This was my thought seeing this post… I don’t think I’ve ever seen Tommy hate.

  36. It's in the same vain as hating the whole game for mischaracrization which I think those people just don't know what character arcs are lol.

  37. As others stated. I don't know if we we will be playing as venom himself but I definitely think Peter will get the symbiote (if thats what they call it in this iteration).

  38. I was trying to say to people I really don't think they want this day to be announcements. I think they might have revealed part 2 on this day or something but it's clear for the last several years that's an outlier. People need to stop getting their hopes up specifically for this day because you're more often then not, going to be disappointed.

  39. I had the same thought process regarding how people walked away from 1. I knew a lot of people still saw Joel as the valiant hero Christ figure after the first game long before 2 came out but holy shit, I had no idea THAT many people felt that way. Obviously they wanted you to care for Joel but people thinking he needed a "proper send off" with modern warfare "press F to pay respect" is just baffling to me. The whole point is to rip him away, violently and disrespectfully.

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